Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In the Suburban Idleness of Hartamas - ya Allah ya Rasulullah!

People and God
How I prefer to deal with you, Love,
Than with people.
People who are conditioned
By their past and expectations, fears
And hopes of a bright future.
People who are not able
To be in the present with me.
Like icebergs, they float into my life,
And when I get too close,
The ice invisible underneath
Breaches my hull,
And I am left adrift,
Cut by their words
And their action,
Though they mean me
No harm at all.

O’ Lord, you mean me no harm,
But You would do nothing, and indeed
You would do everything to
Ensure my happiness,
Which is in Your presence.


Praise and prayers be for the Message and the Messenger, Nabi Muhammad (pbuh) Beloved of God, and God's Mercy unto the worlds.

Yesterday as I was walking the dogs in the afternoon I passed through a secluded little park in the neighbourhood of Hartamas. I was by my lonesome save for two street sweepers who were taking a lunch nap on the park benches. And it was a good idea, because although the sun was shining brightly it was also very breezy under the shade of the tall trees.

As I passed the dozing pair the wind then really picked up, and a crop of trees were heaving gently, its rustling leaves suddenly bursting into song. Even the sleeping sweepers could not help but get up. For a minute or two I stood beside the trees, as the wind and the leaves sang their duet. Those crazy Sufis like to remind people that all things and creatures have their particular songs that glorify and praise God. It is called dzikr (remembrance of God). They also say that the salawat (praise of the Prophet Muhammad) calls the wind and the wind answers. So for a moment I was transfixed by the ya Allah (oh Lord!)and the ya Rasulullah (oh Prophet of God!) choir playing amongst the wooded hallow of a small park in the suburban idleness of Hartamas.

Then just as suddenly the wind came, it slowly died down and I continued my walk. It was a good walk you see. I knew it because it began with a stranger's greeting. A chinese contractor, having lunch in the coffee shop under my office smiled as he saw me coming in my walking outfit, then asked if I was going running. I said that I was not running, but only walking. Then he asked "Tak kerja ka hari ini? (Not working today?)" Then I said, "Kerja dan jalan!(Working and walking!)"

It does not take much to make me very happy. 

My dogs are friendly with cats so long as they are not snobbish.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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