Saturday, October 6, 2012

In the Tower of Forever, Upon The Sea of Eternity

The Tower of Forever
Some people take the stairs,
Some people fly on wings of faith,
While others, like me
Take the sinners' way,
Climbing the walls
Of the Tower of Forever,

Gaining a foothold, 
A sin at a time,
A lesson learnt at a time,
A wisdom gained and forgotten,
Being all too weak, foolish...
Alas, all too human,

Carrying our pearls stolen
From the Master's ocean,
Dropping them and gaining them again
With great hurt, joy, sufferance and pain
Being all too forgetful and disdain 
Alas, yet still,
Very much 
Just a 

 O' Love. How many times have I rejected Thee? Not answering when Thou called? Pausing in self-doubt when certainty would have gained me entry. Nervous and timid before Thy Love, making the worse sin of laying borders on Thy True Love that is without reproach of the mortal rise and ebbing of our abandoned passions?

Ten thousand love letters cannot contain Thy Lovely Expression of Thy Loveliness of Love towards mankind. And the creatures which Thou makes to go mad for Thee break the nibs of their pen, finishes their ink with no sight of Thy Wonderous Shore. Sailing as they go, pining for Thee in the journey across the calm blue waters and stormy seasons of Thy Infinite Sea.

Have a perfect Sabbath, sunshine. It is nice to start the day with some love-writing, though it is never enough... but at least we try, yes?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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