Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So Much to Smile for - even in our sleep...

101. The Wasteland
In the wasteland of thy material afflictions
In thy overflowing cup of blame and sorrow
In thy rapture of all things hollow
Know this if you must know one thing

That it is never too late
To turn love from hate
To save joy from misery
To pry thyself free
Of false gods and false liberties.

And that,
As a man
Or as a woman
His Beautiful Face
His Merciful Gaze
His Enduring Embrace
Awaits thee,
Wherever thy gaze may turn.

Dzikr. The dzikr (remembrance of God) is often explained to be the verbal or silent recitation of God's Divine Names. But like all things of this world, the form hides the essence, and the calm surface of the ocean hides the many fathoms of hidden meaning, mercy and beauty that is God by any other name. The world becomes to the seeker a Yellow Pages of God, an almanac, a dictionary, a thesaurus, a bibliography, an index by which humanity may seek and take assurance and pleasure in knowing the Source of Knowledge, the He who Is Known Absolutely only to Himself, our one God, Lord of humanity and all creation. 

The best way. I am a sinner, so normally I do not out of my own volition do the dizkr. I am not impelled by any discipline required as a Muslim, nor am I freely remembering God for nothing. I give something for what is given to me. So it is God in all His unaccountable Richness that has spread His Wealth of love, affection, knowledge, humour and beauty into our lives that make us impelled to recall His many names and virtues. Not for me is the tribulation of Saints and Prophets... I am always looking for the easiest way, the straightest path and the smoothest road. And on top of this litany of wants, I also want a beautiful view, gentle and smart travel-companions, and little rest stops where I can lean back and chill before continuing on the journey towards the Divine Presence.

We may not get what we wish for, but this hopeful thought is enough to keep us smiling most of the time. Even in my sleep, when my eyes are closed to this world and I fall into a dream state under the shadows of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), His Companions (r.a.) and the Saints of the End of Time, there is still so much to smile for...

Have a lovely day, sunshine. The sun is shining on our faces.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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