Monday, February 25, 2013

PERISH WISH, Undone by love, Returning to the Sun

Words, Sighs and Sounds
I have my words
Which I write and carry
In my head or in my pocket,

I have my words
That can turn me into
A hero or a villain
Riding a super-rocket,

I have my words
Varnished and etched,
A secret promise written
Inside a maiden's locket,

I have my words,
Until love came and
Changed my many words
Into many, many worlds...

As many as the breaths that I breathe
And the thoughts that pass through
The station of my soul,
From the moment I was born
Till the day I lie in wait
Beneath my farewell wreath,
Returning the life that
I once stole,

I have my words,
But love has proven the heresy in me,
In my prayers and who-to?-devotion

Reciting the holy prose
When I should have listened...
Until together did the congregation rise
But I lie still upon the ground,
Nay a word left for me to speak,
Nor escape from my lips
Any unbidden sigh or sound...

Undone by love,
As a light returning to the Sun.

This is how I wish to perish.

I worship not death. I write a lot about death and cemeteries. But I have no death wish, nor am I one of those fixated by the idea of dying and death. Just as this world is full of distractions, We are also looking towards death beyond its distractions, looking beyond death and towards the Creator of Death, which is of course the same as the Creator of Life - a.k.a. God Almighty.

Jihad? Says who? As troubles continue to hinder peace and prosperity in the Middle East, and the gun, the bullet and the bomb becomes the one-size-fit-all solution to mankind's problem, I am saddened by my fellow humanity who appears fixated with war and death. As if it is the end of it all. It is too sad to contemplate such ignorance and hubris masked as piety and sacrifice.

Choose Love. Choose Allah and Muhammad. I am happy to be who and where I am. For once we only had words to play with, then Love came and endeared us to the incomparable Beauty, Knowledge and Generosity that is Allah (s.w.t.) and His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.). The path, whether you choose good or bad, shall never be dull and boring. But why choose war and violence when you can choose Love, choose Allah and His Anointed Mercy to all the Worlds - Muhammad ibn Abdullah (s.a.w.s.).

You can have as many worlds as the breaths you breathe...

So choose your worlds right, sunshine, that you might live contented and in honourable servanthood.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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