Sunday, February 10, 2013


From sorrowful ignorance to happy understanding... that is our way
Love's True Worth
If you truly love me,
You can pay me 
The ultimate compliment
And acknowledge 
That you don't really
Know me at all...

Don't you know me at all? How many times in your life has someone misjudged you and caused you hurt? Whether it is your father or mother, your son or daughter, your wife or husband, your bf or gf, and even your best friend? How many times have you wished that he or she did not assume you felt so, or you thought that way, or that you are insensitive, or perhaps overly sensitive? How often have you felt, "Oh come on... we have slept in the same bed, drank from the same cup and ate from the same bowl, we have gone through thick and thin together... we have faced the world and helped each other... and yet, how can he feel that way towards me now? Doesn't he know me at all?!"

I am just a flower? You don't understand me at all, my love...

No, you don't actually. When you put inter-human relationship side by side with humanity's relationship with the Divine God, it is quite interesting that the same risk (called the mother-of-all-assumptions) of thinking that you truly know someone is the same as between members of the human race and as between humanity and our One God. For God, in the lore of Islam as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) has undoubtedly warned humanity that His Essence is quite simply unknowable to mere creations. Again and again, although God has encouraged, nay indeed required humanity to come to know Him, through observation of the physical Universe and the Hidden Universe that is Man himself, the Lord has often reminded humanity that He, aka God, in the absoluteness of His being, is actually beyond the contemplation of mere creatures of His making. 

Speculations of the mind and the ego. What we may understand of God's divine attributes and names are really just what God chooses to show us. Beyond that is mere guesswork and speculation of our mental faculties and our ego - for our ego is quite naturally hopeless in accepting that anything is bigger than it. Even God.

Divine Adab. So I believe that what God requires of us, we must also make some show of it for our brothers and sisters in humanity. Even our wives and husbands. Even our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers. This is the courtly manners ( the Divine Adab) that God is trying to teach us - for our own safety and happiness within our circles of friends and family. 

But I certainly know you, o' Man! Of course, one crucial difference is in the Divine Adab between Man and God, God certainly knows us - every nook and cranny, every hollow, peak and canyon of our physical and spiritual lands that makes up 'you' and 'me'. You cannot really say unto God in frustration, "Don't you know me, God?" For someone tells me now that God will simply answer - 

You despair because you 
Do not know Me well enough,
And though you have lived all
Your life in that mortal skin of yours,
You have barely begun to
Understand even yourself.
And why struggle alone, when I have sent
To your aid, My Most Beloved Muhammad,
His Companions and His Saints to ease
Your passing from sorrowful ignorance
To happy understanding?

Have a beautiful Sunday, sunshine. May today bring you better understanding of our God, and of His magnificent and subtle plans for you. And as for that beloved person beside you now... do not imagine that you can encompass his/her entire scope of being... for like yourself, he/she too is naught but a drop in a drop in a drop in God's unimaginable Mercy Oceans.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way  

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