Thursday, December 20, 2012

HANG TUAH, THE MALAYS AND ISLAM - in the foxhole of faith with you...

Sebelum ilmu cukup di dada,
Sebelum adab cukup di hati,
Sebelum airmata cukup mengalir di mata,
Sebelum senyuman cukup terukir di bibir,
Sebelum murshid selesai bercerita,
Sebelum sunnah di jiwa bertumbuh subur,
Sebelum kita di kapan dan tersemadi di dalam kubur,
Selagi kita masih bernyawa...
Tahulah, wahai sahabatku yang disayangi,
Kebenaran hanya ada pada Allah dan Rasulnya.
Dan bukan milik seseorang insan abdi. 

Before knowledge has filled up our chest,
Before good manners has filled up our heart,
Before we have shed enough tears from our eyes,
Before we have carved enough smiles on our lips,
Before the Master has finished his tale,
Before the traditions of the Prophet is growing healthy in our spirit,
Before we are wrapped in a shroud of white and lowered into our grave,
Know this, my beloved companion,
That truth is only with God and His Prophet
And not the property of any one servant.

We are always learning. From the first moment we open our eyes and to the last second we breathe our last. Thus, it is always best and the highest station of good manners (Adab) to be circumspect and discrete in how we live our life with people. So why be abrasive? Why be argumentative? The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) himself said that a definition of his follower, is a person from who no one need worry of any harm, either from that person's hand or his mouth.

My name is Taufiq, and I am a Malay and a Muslim. But Allah(s.w.t.) has sent the Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.s.) to all Mankind, and the Devil has declared war on all Mankind. So we are in it together, sunshine, in this foxhole of what little faith we have. And alhamdulillah, I am happy with your company, whether you are black, white, yellow or brown, whether you are a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian or a Hindu.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way
In Certainty is Mercy


jo said...

Salam 2112 :)

Milky Tea said...

Salams! Congrats for surviving the 'end of the world'...