Monday, December 3, 2012

Upon the Wings of Ilmu & Adab - knowledge, good manners and the dangers of hubris

Ilmu & Adab
O' seekers,
To fly to the divine presence,
You need a pair of wings,
The wing of Ilmu (Knowledge)
And the wing of Adab (Good Manners).

In the course of human history
There is no more tragic event
Than when humanity has gained Knowledge
But has left Good Manners far behind.

Whatever enlightenment that you have acquired, religious knowledge, metaphysical knowledge, knowledge of the self, knowledge of people and their history, knowledge of the sciences - physics, biology or chemistry, knowledge of the DNA, knowledge of the Atom... all knowledge comes with its appropriate code of courtly manners and courtesies (Adab).

A significant part of the Western civilization hinges upon the Age of Enlightenment that began in France and spread to the rest of Europe, then the world over through conquest and colonialism. Alas, while bringing some good to the people, it is probably the most severe example where knowledge has ran away from good manners. It is an illness that  can be remedied, but if the body politic cannot even see that it is unwell, how may the patient be treated? It is now a global problem.

Great Ilmu without great Adab is the greatest danger facing humanity. The devil himself is intelligent and acquired an angel's trove of physical and metaphysical knowledge, but alas, he gained not enough good manners to keep him safe. He lost himself to hubris, which is born whenever knowledge is attained without the appropriate good manners. 

Have a thoughtful day, sunshine. May we learn to bear both the knowledge and the manners appropriate to our station before God and the Prophet (s.a.w.s.). I will not say that is is easy, but...

Knowledge? They will see your habits and manners, then choose for you
the appropriate knowledge that you may carry. This is the way of the Path,
and it is the safest and best way, not merely upon the wings of ilmu and adab,
but upon the wings of love and mercy. InsyaAllah...  

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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