Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The History of Happiness - lifting the veil and seeing happiness that is already there...

If you bring the mark of happiness, the veil of happiness is lifted wherever you may be.
Whether you are at work, at play or visiting the Garden of Stone in the final
resting place of the dead.

The History of Happiness
I write the History of Happiness,
I write it from the Life of my Prophet,
I write it from the Life of His Family,
I write it from the Life of His Companions,
I write it from the Life of His Saints,
I write it before the beginning of time
And I write that same old refrain...

Oh God, Oh Prophet! Oh God, Oh Prophet! Oh God, Oh Prophet!

I write it from the Life of my father and mother,
I write if from the Life of all my ancestors,
I write it from the life of my siblings,
And the life of my children that the future will bring,

And sometimes, I write the History of Happiness
From the life that is mine, all the good and the bad,
All the highs and the lows that is all my own,
Through this life that I win and fall 
Like a rolling stone.

"Do not look for happiness..." says Rumi, "Look instead to lift the veil between you and happiness." And I think he is right. For his Lord who is my Lord and your Lord God is the source of all happiness... the fountain from which flows all good feelings, in the contentment of a morning cup of milky chai, in the warm embrace of an old friend, in the smile of a mother.

And sometimes, indeed happiness is hidden, tucked away like an overcast sky. In such moments we do our dzikr (remembrance of God) and our salawat (salutations and praise for the Prophet) and what happens is that either rain starts to fall like mercy on Earth, or the clouds drift away and the Sun is revealed in its power and life-giving glory. Either way, we lose nothing, we gain everything.

So do not be to disturbed, sunshine, if life appears dull and sorrowful. Happiness is always there for you, guaranteed by God Himself. We need only bring a little patience and faith to the table.

Bon apetit!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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