Friday, December 7, 2012

It Is Not Just About Whirling - breathe the Huu Part 2

Last Wednesday night gathered a conference of birds - men and women and children, young and old,
Muslims and a flock of non-Muslims, dressed ordinarily or clothed in the Naqshbandi Tariqa dress
and headgear, or adorning the Mehlevi  robes with its high headgear and turban... came to see and
listen to an exposition on whirling by Sheik Ahmad Dede Pattisahusiwa. At the end, we witnessed
the attestation of faith by seven seekers, as they embraced the Light of Islam and
 the Traditions of the Prophet (s.a.w.s.), yet I believe that everyone who came
that auspicious night left somehow changed.  Because it was
not merely about whirling... 
As the Sheik spoke, he explained, and sang and whirled. Oh,  he was not whirling all night long.
But at the metaphysical sense, at the place where we leave behind our physical senses and enter
into the Realm of the Lover and the Beloved, of Ahad and Ahmad, he was continuously whirling...
Casting beautiful words and examples like honey for the bears. And we were all honeybears there,
hungry for nectar of the whirling dervish. But (not surprisingly, I guess) his kind and loving words
fell from another place, beyond the conventional idea people have about the whirling Sufis and
even beyond the conventional idea many people have about the Religion of Islam.
Because the ideal is more than just about whirling... 
Before anything, the Sheik spoke of the Master of the Zawiya, almarhum Shaykh Raja
Ashman Shah ibn Sultan Azlan Shah. As how the Prince, in his lifetime, invited the
Sheik to come and visit Malaysia and the Zawiya. In this transaction, born in life and
consummated after the passing of the Prince, we felt a profound sense of gratitude...
Of benefiting from the love between two brothers in love,  Poor old Longhair choked
as he referred to the Prince as "...a friend." Love Lights were written in air with the
ink of faith, mercy and beauty. Such things adorned the Zawiya last night and many
tears were shed and many more hearts captivated.
Because it was not about whirling only...
Perhaps this picture best captures the spirit of relationship between a Shaykh (Master)
and the mureed (Student). Over the whirling steps and turning feet, and hands raised and lowered
of the mureed, the Sheik oversees his young ward whirling and seeking the Sought (God) but
in submission always to the life journey intended for each one of us. For above the Sheik
is his Sheik, and thereon his Sheik and his Sheik. Down through the ages for more than 1,300 years
to the Master of all masters, the Master of all Creation, Muhammad Abu Arwah (Father of Souls)
Habibullah (s.a.w.s.). For you see, on that night whirling was only the beginning...
The secret lies in the nyat (intention). From there the Guide that is God leads the one
inspired by his love for Him. Through the springs of life, through the valleys and
meadows of this world, away to His presence and His beauty and His love. The mureed
unlocks each petal of his own rose within the garden of His truth. Speaking the words of
love, "Oh, I am in love with Thee, and I am giving everything to Thee..." The mirror of creation
is broken, and the spirit is released from the confines of this world. Whether whirling or living,
intention is everything. Beyond that is submission, and surrender to the Will of Love,
at a place where all humanity is One, and there is only God.
So you see, it was not merely about whirling... it was also
about experiencing love with God.
I went with Mikhail. Whatever he gained from the talk, I do not know.
But sometimes, all we can do is arrange for a seed to be planted,
and how the tree will grow, only God may foretell.
For you see, it was not merely about whirling.
There is also a bit of soul gardening.
I persuaded him not to wear the Mehlevi tall hat. I said that he does not like attention from strangers,
and the high turban will attract people's eyes. He agreed with me and wore a simple Malay
songkok instead. I know that one day he will not agree with me,
and we shall cross that bridge when we get there.
But for now it is not merely about whirling.
It is also about the pure and untamed
spirit of children.
Lovers astride in a row.
It was not merely about whirling, you see...
It is also about the Art of Returning to Him
while breath still animates your body.
This is what I came home with, perhaps others will feel differently... Give everything to the Sought (God), the only One worthy of your spirit's yearning. Breathe the Huu... follow the Prophet (s.a.w.s.).

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

If I lived in your neck of the woods, I would have been there.

Milky Tea said...

Hiya Denise,

Well... physical location is a matter than can easily be dispensed with when you are dealing with the metaphysical.

Thank you for your kind words...

God bless you!