Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Candle, The Utter Loveliness and the All-encompassing Kindness - you, God, life and love

3. Burn Slow
Burn slow, o’ lighted candle
And fear not the dark that lie outside.
Burn slow, o’ lighted lantern
And see the shadow flee your burning bright.

The sword upon the anvil,
The hammer upon the sword,
The whirling moth that spins and sings
Oh God, oh God, oh God!

23. Annihilation Is…
The unusual pursuit of extinguishing your flame
Through realizing that no candle exists
Separate from the Sun.
And that all numbers are in truth nothing
But aggregates of One.

Candles. The burning of the candle is an oft used parable and metaphor in the spiritual path, and I do not think that it is the sole remit of the Sufis. In other faiths, the burning of the candle, the flame flickering in the darkness and the life and truth-giving light that emanates from it is an observation infinite in its symbolism. 

Little Joys. As a sinner, I often lose my flame and my light. And there on my face you can see my sadness as I stumble in the darkness of my own making, a black shroud drawn over the day by my own mistakes of my anger, pride and insecurities. But happily, it takes only a little spark to light up my day - a smile from my  father, a short chat with my auntie, waking up early to greet the morning sun, a cup of teh-o halia (tea sans milk with sugar and infused with garlic), a teaspoon of wild honey from the jungles of country, getting a good parking space near my office, or just discussing work with my clients in the morning. It is nothing perhaps to some, but these little joys mean everything to me.

For through this little pools of work and pleasure, family and friends, I see Him and His Prophet's handiwork. Allah (s.w.t.) and His Beloved Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) who knowing fully well my faults and mistakes (both past, present and future), nevertheless will not allow me to stray too long in the gloom of my fatal follies.

I cry sometimes. For I am constantly reminded how undeserving I am, a lowly and weak servant that I am. So thank you, sunshine. For you too are a constant source of wonderment to me of His utter Loveliness and His all-encompassing Kindness. You have come here to read my stumbling prose, and you also mean everything to me.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way 


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

I find your prose to be stunning rather than stumbling. And you often seem to write about something that's on my mind.

Milky Tea said...

Hi Denise,

Perhaps that is because we think alike. Like wise men, or fools! Hehehe. But wise or foolish, thank you for dropping in. Always welcomed of course!