Saturday, December 15, 2012

THE VEIL OF A VEIL - The Devil, Atheism and the Infinite Desirableness of God

The Veil of Everything
Do not let your fidelity
Be a veil to True Fidelity,
Do not let your affection
Be a veil to True Affection,
Do not let your knowledge
Be a veil to True Knowledge,
Do not let your manners
Be a veil to True Manners,
Do no Let your religion
Be a veil to God's dominion

... and do not let your disbelief
Be a veil to True rebellion.

Anything and everything of this world can be a veil. Indeed, looking at it one way, everything of this world IS a veil. A physical curtain drawn between the Creator and the created, between God and Man, between True Reality and the perception of reality.

The Devil and Atheism. The trend and fad (for that is what I think it is) of Atheism is a veil of a veil and cannot be counted as bearing the dishonour and infamy of True Rebellion, that is the remit of the Devil himself. For Atheists do not even believe in God, thus in a manner of speaking, cannot rebel against Him. The Devil is a monotheist and believes in God, but he chooses to rebel against the Word of God. Thus compared to him, Atheism is in fact the result of ignorance and not rebellion. A veil of a veil. 

I think even the Devil himself would be surprised as he was when the Pharaoh of Moses's time declared himself as god... The Devil said, "Rebel, yes! By all means, but I never told you to claim YOURSELF as god!" Of course, we can never trust what the Accursed one says, but there is a kernel of truth in the Devil's admonition of the Pharaoh.

Prophets and Saints. The perception of goodness and wickedness, even these things may become a veil and misguide us. And that is why, however high a Saint or even a Prophet may rise, he will inevitably admit himself as the weak servant, still in need, nay, even more in need of the Love, Mercy, Affection and Kindness of his Lord God. 

More and More and More is my Lord
O' Lord! O' True Giver of Help!
The more You help me
The more I feel helpless!
The more You love me
The more I feel loveless!
The more You attend to me
The more I desire Your attention!
I am the absence of You,
But the more You give Yourself unto me
The greater the hunger becomes
And the more Desirable
You become to me!
O' True Giver of Help....
Help me!

I trust you understand, sunshine. I am trying to understand also... may God bless you and forgive me.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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