Saturday, December 8, 2012

How will the Created encompass the Creator? - knowledge without vanity, fighting the burning cliches of atheism and revolutions

He Hides, He Loves & He Asks…
My Lord hides in the quiver of a smile,
My Lord hides in the loveliness of a child,
My Lord hides in the honesty of my father,
My Lord hides in the sweetness of my mother,

My Lord hides in the books I have read,
My Lord hides in the friends I have kept,
My Lord hides in the laughter of my happiness,
My Lord hides in the shadows of my regret,

My Lord hides in the spring in my steps,
My Lord hides in the fever of my illness,
My Lord hides in the tears that I have wept,
My Lord hides in my certainty and wariness,

My Lord hides with the clouds in the sky,
My Lord hides with me, wherever I am,
My Lord hides with me however I try Him,
My Lord hides in the ink of my pen,

My Lord hides in the wisdom of the wise,
My Lord hides in my house and my family,
My Lord hides even in my enemy’s eyes,
He hides, He loves and He asks…
“o' My servant, do you not see Me?”

Knowledge. Truth. Beauty. Love. Mercy. All these attributes of life and this world is naught but a sign. A door. A gate through which you may find infinite knowledge, infinite truths, infinite beauty, infinite love and infinite mercy without comparison that is our Lord God. And even in the trials and tribulations of our times, even in the heart of our most ardent enemies, you may find God. For nothing may exist and persist without His will. 

It is the folly of humanity. These new thinkers thinking 'new ideas' that are in truth cliches and rehash of past rebellions... Rebelling for the sake of rebelling. Being different for the sake of being different and casting aspersions upon people's faith in God. Atheists and revolutionaries and reformers often impute that believers (of whatever creed) are foolish, conservative and hidebound to traditions and unimaginative. But we can make the same accusation also. For their burning flags and mobs are also burning cliches... nothing is new under the Sun.

Is it not they who are unimaginative instead? Thinking God's existence and breadth of planning as framed within the confines of His creation? But how can a building encompass the builder? How may a book encompass the writer and how will a poem encompass the poet? These simple examples are clear and apparent for those who would reason without vanity. 

May we all, sunshine, be there... guided by God, He who exists beyond the mortal thoughts and ideas that He permits to manifest in this world. Sorrowful and lost are those who decipher such thoughts and ideas but are blinded by the hubris of the little understanding that they have gained.

Always, I seek refuge in Him from the folly of such pride. Pray for me, please...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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