Friday, December 14, 2012

THE SURGEON WHO IS PAID IN CHICKEN - and the Pen-Man, the Magic Songkok, Imam Mahdi and Jesus, Prince of Peace

The Pen-Man and the Surgeon who is paid in chicken. I was with Mikhail and told him that I saw the Pen-Man. The Pen-Man is an old Indian gentleman who pounds the pavement around my office area selling pens. A batch of five for RM10, which is about USD3. A couple of weeks ago while Mika and myself were having lunch, we saw him at a table near us. He looked tired, resting his feet while having a glass of iced-water. So, we bought a set of pen from him, and with a little prompting, Mika gave him RM10. "To have lunch." My son was sad you see, for everyone else were having lunch, but Pen-Man had to save his pennies, and was only quenching his thirst. He smiled and thanked Mika. So this time around, Mika asked me, "Was he just drinking iced-water again?" I replied that he wasn't drinking or eating anything. He was just resting at a table nearby. "Oh, that is so sad, Papa..." Mika commented and then resolved, "Papa, do you know what? I am going to work and be the best surgeon. Then I want to be paid in chicken. So I can feed poor people..."

Chicken Genocide. Recently Mikhail recounted to me an evil prayer. "Is there such a thing?" I asked, to which he replied, chuckling at my naivete, "Of course, Papa. I used to pray before that God would explode all the chicken in the world. Into a fryer. And make fried chicken." Then he paused, "Oh yes, but two chicken, one boy chicken and one girl chicken will be saved. So they can repopulate the earth."
Mika wearing the Songkok.
The Magic Songkok, Imam Mahdi and Jesus. My son also shared with me a bad dream he had. "Oh yes, Papa. I was so relieved  to wake up! It was weird, crazy dream." This was what Mikhail dreamt - "I dream that it was the end of the world, and a dinasour was chasing me. I threw pictures at the dinasour (no doubt, pictures of chickens) to distract it. I ran and ran and ran when suddenly out of a songkok (a black traditional Malay headgear) out popped Imam Mahdi and Jesus. But I didn't know it was them! They were giant, bearded and looked like hobos! I tried to hit them but I couldn't."

Imam Mahdi? Jesus? Dressed like hobos and popping out of a songkok?

Have a lovely Friday, sunshine. Listen to children. You would be surprised what comes out of their mouths!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

PS: Imam Mahdi is a descendant of the House of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) prophesied to come before the end of time, about the same time as the Second Coming of Jesus. They are going to pair up in a Divine Tag Team and help sort things out... insyaAllah as how God plans it to be.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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