Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another Whimsical Observation About Mikhail, Age 7

I took Mika to Toys 'r' Us recently, and he bought a Lego Hero Factory robot. He was quite keen to purchase a toy, any toy really, so I let him. I don't often encourage him to buy toys because frankly, he often gets bored with them and ends up playing with an old deck of cards, imagining stories and making up heroes and villains in an epic battle of good vs bad, with 'chooch... shoooh... ' laser sounds and effects. His imagination, like all children's, are not limited by the toy designers of this world. And that is simple wonderful, don't you think?

I was complaining morosely to Mika last night. "This Friday nobody will be around. You are leaving me for Universal Studios, Singapore (his mom and his new stepdad, Herman is taking him) and Heche is going away too! (She is driving up to the northern state of Perlis for Fifi and Khaled's engagement.)" He looked at me and asked, "You mean that you will be alone? What about Bibik, Tokwan (my dad) and Pak Poon (my brother, Saiful)?"

"Oh no, of course they will still be around." I replied.

"Papa, if no one is around, I won't go to Singapore. I will stay with you, you know... Honest!"

Dammit. I am gonna miss the little monkey.

Wa min Allah at-taufiq.

Hate has no place in Islam.
Love will show the Way.

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