Monday, December 26, 2011

God. Breathing Down Your Neck - fate, fairness and anticipations

I am Your Fate
I am the turn of the key,
The opening of the door,

I am the tomcat strutting in the alley,
I am the worm in the apple's core,

I am the clouds adrift in the sky,
I am the sunlight in your eye,

I am the king sitting in his palace,
The widow crying atop her mourning dresses,

I am the silence of your contemplation,
The blaze of colour in your reflection,

I am everything and none at all,
I am your childhood that you cannot recall,

I am both your success and your failure,
The fate you always try to tailor,

I am the conclusion of your endeavour,
The harbour in all your weather,

Fair or foul as how I appear to you,
Is but a veil to hide the truth.

Fairness. We are creatures of cause and consequences. When we do wrong, we expect to be punished. When we do good, we expect to be rewarded. But sometimes the guilty escapes punishment, and sometimes the best among us appear cursed with a doom, the lost of a job, the lost of a child.

Fate. How far can we withdraw into ourselves to escape from the unfairness of this world? How deep into the well of our soul must we dive into, to silence the litany of voices asking for justice and fairness? But it is fate, that thing which none of us can divert.

Anticipation. Often we cannot control the end result of our action or omission. But a wise man once shared with me, "You may not be able to control what happens to you. But you can choose how you react to it. And you can anticipate and prepare for it."

The Prose of Anticipation
Anticipate that if you are alive,
That one day, you will die.
Anticipate that if you are loved,
That one day, your lover must fail you.
Anticipate that if you are married,
That one day, temptation will test your vows.
Anticipate that if you are healthy,
That one day, you will get sick.
Anticipate that if you are strong,
That one day, you will be weak.
Anticipate that if you are wise,
That one day, you will be foolish,
Anticipate that if you are rich
That one day you will be a poor,
Anticipate that if you are learned
That one day you will need learning,
Anticipate that if you feel tired
That one day, God will lift the veil
And reveal Himself being closer to you
Than your own jugular.

According to Muslims, it is said that God is closer to His servants than their own jugulars. That is pretty close. Stiflingly close perhaps. Smothering even. Ah, maybe it is a good idea of God to be Unseen while we are not ready yet. To see what we would do on our own accord, in our remembrance and forgetfulness of Him. Our ups and downs on this road called life.
God. Breathing down your neck.

Take care, sunshine. Talk to you later.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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