Sunday, December 25, 2011

Super Dad and the Language of the Trees

Well, Mika was dropped off at my house today by his mom (her official name is Halimah, but she likes to be known as Gina. So, of course we will all refer to her as Halimah) and Uncle Herman after their visit to Universal Studio's theme park in ol' Singapore. As promised he returned bearing gifts, including the one presently on display on my work table. He was playing with it, when I told him to be careful. "Why?" He inquired. "Well, Mika, because it is made of plastic. That is only gold paint. You will scratch it if you are not careful."

"Ooh." He said, and nothing more. Later however he was obviously a bit perturbed and commented to me, "I am sorry, Papa, that the thing is not real..." I said, "Well, Mika. I don't really care. But do you mean what it says?" as I ran my finger across the emblazoned statement. "Of course, Papa!" He ejaculated.

"Well, then it is REAL to me."

So it was a really tiny Santa that came to me in the early morning of this glorious Sunday. I had an inkling something good was going to happen, and you know how? Because of the wind. It blew sprightly outside as the leaves rustled and bustled, the bough and branches bending to the will of the wind. And it spoke to me in a language of the trees, "Good morning, Taufiq. Something good cometh!"

I am not a super dad. I am just a dad. But having a son like mine does make me feel super. God bless all our children, and our fathers and mothers. They are all extraordinary. We must do our best to be deserving of them always... It is not always easy, but we gotta try. Have a beautiful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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