Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nobody Told Me This

Nobody Told Me This
Nobody told me
That I would miss you.
My mind tells me it is impossible
To miss someone I
Have never met.
How is it possible to miss you so,
And how can this yearning my soul forget?

Now people tell me
That you are a dead,
Then why do your voice
In my heart resonate?
They call me mad,
They say that thoughts of you
Will make all good things go bad,
They blame my love for you
For all that is wrong in the world,
Do they not feel love before?
Have they not fallen in love ever?
As a girl for a boy and a boy for a girl?

As if you would hurt anything…
Or ask hurt to be done in your name…

I have no analogy fitting for you,
Though you filled this world with parables
And clues of you,

But now
My pen is broken,
And the night is raining peace,
No more wars in my heart
No more wars for my heart
It is yours already…
Broken, healed and tamed,
So let me hear my heart
Speak your name
Once again.

Hullo, sunshine. Are you getting to know God already? If so, then good luck! Love for God, love from God is a theme that you can create and recreate upon a canvas as big as all Creation itself. It is often boundless and limitless, thus also difficult to put your finger on it.

Like all relationships, it will be fraught with some misunderstanding and miscommunication. But unlike any other relationship, the fault will always lie with us and not God, though we often blame Him for it. As for God, He simply has to bear with having a relationship with such a dodo and fallible creature like Man. We are lucky because God is well... God.

So God bless God, and may God brighten your day with sparkly truths and pearls of consummate love and mercy on this Sabbath. As David Soul once sang... Don't give up on us... baaaby...

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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