Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mikhail, Zog and Trashcan - a belated review of Astro Boy the movie

That's me. Zog. No, the boy's not Mika.
I am Zog, according to my son. Zog is a 100 years old construction robot, made of pig iron that fell from Metrocity to the Surface world. Zog fell asleep until one day, Astro gave a little of his Blue Core energy to the defunct robot. Zog woke up and became pals with Astro and his friends on the Surface, which is actually planet Earth. This is a little of the story from the CGI movie on DVD which I only watched recently with Mikhail entitled (unsurprisingly) 'ASTRO BOY'. I think Mika does kinda look like Astro, except that Astro has no little belly. So I told my son that he is Trashcan. A robotic refuse bin that has all the characteristics of a lively friendly dog. Yes. I am an awesome dad.
This is Mika! 
I am talking about this movie, 2 years late (it was released in October 2009) because I found it to be intelligent and funny. When I first noticed that they are producing this Japanese Manga oldie (it originated in 1952!), I avoided watching it like the plague. It looked 'cute' and its probably gonna be 'cute'. And the sinner don't do 'cute' movies, disappointed as he has been by recent productions like 'Despicable Me' which hinted at being 'uncute' but turned out to be inane, sugarcoated and shallow. This movie, is surprisingly strong in dealing with human emotions and the robots (especially the Robot Liberation Front) are hilarious. The dialogue breezes through just fine. If you haven't watched it, you might wanna.

Robots play a big part in my son's imaginary world. He takes them everywhere. He talks to them, he dismantles them and rigged them back again for a robot battle. I am constantly bugged by him to choose my robot in the epic fights. Sometimes, he even lets me win.

No poems, sunshine. Just a movie review of sorts. And of course, Zog and Trashcan.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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