Friday, December 2, 2011

Uncles and Aunties - we cannot replace the irreplaceable

The Passing of Rich Memories
The wealth of my past,
The riches of my history
Are all passing out of
Possession of this world
And into the custody of the next.

The smiles, the teasings,
The kindly gestures and
Assuring words from
My uncles and aunties
Are now naught but
Beautiful memories.

Last night, another uncle of mine has passed away. Alias, the brother of my father. Over this couple of years, I have lost a number of uncles and aunts. I am not sad for them for they have been tried and proven true in this life. They have lived a full life and lived long enough to play with their grandchildren. My aunts and uncles are all precocious, opinionated and cheeky. When I was younger, I was endlessly teased for being fat by the usual suspects, but now I miss them and miss their good humoured teasing.

Uncle Alias however never teased me. He was always kindly and smiling, and perhaps the friendliest man you would have the good fortune of encountering under any circumstances. He was from another generation, you see… when money was not everything.

I do not know, sunshine, how I can replace the irreplaceable. I guess we cannot, and it is only for us to bide our time here until we meet again with our relatives and friends who have already been passed the threshold of this mortal life. May it be a blessed encounter in the Divine Presence. ameen, al-fatiha.

Value life, honour death.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


sonia said...

Al Fatihah. My deepest condolence for you loss.

Milky Tea said...

Thank you, Sonia.