Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Belief is... - The Sinners' Dictionary

Belief is...
Belief is a posture,
You can be sitting,
Standing, or lying on your side.
You can be kneeling by your bed
While others sleep at night.

You can be singing, dancing
Turning like a top,
You can be hurting,
Crying to God, Please make
The bad thing stop.

You can be running,
Walking or crawling on all fours,
Only to find that someone
Has locked the temple’s doors.

You can be reading, preaching
Speaking to an empty mosque,
Salvation you may be offering
But no one is actually asking,

You can be thinking, wishing,
That faith would not find you wanting,
Forgetting that belief is not just posture,
But in truth, an inspired feeling.

They drove your hearts into a corner, with books and sciences, taunting you, "If there is God, where is he?" In their sciences they are seeing deeper and deeper into outer space, and with their sciences, they are seeing deeper and deeper into inner space, that seemingly infinite space between our atoms and molecules. They have gazed deeply into the working of God's creation and think that they are wise. But if I myself make a computer and populate software and applications in it, you would not find me in my computer. You may find traces of my personality, talent and knowledge. But me? I would not be in it. Not in the sense that the software and applications may conjecture in the limited cognitive ability that I choose to program them with. So how will they find God?

This is a simple, simple analogy. Things are normally simple, it is often men, and their complexity and passion that often blurs things.

Something to think about, sunshine. But don't think too hard!

God bless.

wa min Allaha at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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