Friday, December 30, 2011

Good is Recycled. Evil is Recycled. God is Eternal.

I came from Heaven and I am going back to Heaven. But I never promised
anyone that I am willing to wait a lifetime. There must be a backdoor to Heaven
somewhere in this room. Hmm... maybe in here? Huloooo,,,, God? 
73. Evil Is A Cliché
Evil is not a great notion,
Deserving of special accolades.

The enemy has no new tricks up his sleeve,
And has found no new innovative ways to deceive,

Yet, for someone who uses clichés to further his purposes,
Strange that he has found in us so many willing followers.

But I guess that’s what make clichés a cliché,
Because they work.

Desire. You would think that after thousands of years, mankind would have learnt its lessons. But just as your mother and father wants you to do what they ought to have done and avoid doing what they ought not to have done at your age, that is just a desire. Above everyone else's desire, no matter that you know how much they love you, is your own desire.

God Given. And God has made your desire to be powerful and overwhelming, surpassing the treasure trove of knowledge already collected by your ancestors - You need to know yourself. To feel and experience the sweet and the bitter of life, that fire burns and water quenches, that the world often appears arbitrary and good intentions are no guarantee of good endings.

Evil is Recycled. In that way, God is giving each child the right to live life as he or she chooses. You pick your choices and you make your own world, connected but still very different from the world of your elders. Alas, in that way also 'Evil' (if you desire to give it a name) can recycle its old cliches of temptation - greed, envy, jealousy, pride, hubris, waste, selfishness etc. So even 'Evil' is given yet another opportunity, another round to box with your conscience and your heart. This cycle is as certain as the rising of the Sun in the East and its setting in the West. Until of course, that also changes.

Homecoming. Do not be so harsh on yourself. If you succeed, wonderful. But if you fail temporarily, know that in the past, there were many better than you, who have also failed. This too is a cycle. But at the end, our ancestors all return to the Lord, and so shall you. A fitting homecoming for a soul. So don't worry too much!

After all, 'tis Friday, sunshine!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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