Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heading for Sham! Conspiracies, your heart and conscience

13. Sleeping
We are sleepers,
Thoroughly unreliable when awake,
But slipping not when we sleep.

We work in dreams,
And tarry in the closeness of your souls,

You speak of secret guilds,
We are only concerned with patience,
The priceless ornament, set by the Divine Giver
Upon a crown of stars,
Beyond the unique obedience
And understanding of the mighty arch angels.

If you trade in such wares,
Come! Join our caravan!
We are heading for Sham!

SHAM-SYRIA. In the prophecies of the Prophet for the end of time, Sham (which is now Syria) and the city of Damascus wherein resides the Ummayad Mosque, is a place of great importance. Sham is also the final resting place of many Companions and Saints of the faith.

CONSPIRACIES. We are not concerned with the conspiracies of men, nor are we very interested with people who are interested with such conspiracies. We are after all humble and clueless men and women who rely on nothing but God's own divine plan. Not for us are the sort of mortal grand design and plots for world conquest. For as far as I am aware, God conquered the world already when He made it. So there is nothing to conquer except for our grasping and ill-tempered egos.

Ignore that damnable ego that will corrupt every good thing that you have in your life. Be in tune with your heart, sunshine. Feel at ease with your conscience and follow its exhortations to goodness, patience and forgiveness. For when you at one with your heart and conscience, you are at one with the Universe. And that is the first step to knowing the Lord and the Master of the Universe.

God bless.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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