Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cure for a Broken Heart and the Whining Sinner

Shattered Utterly
I am looking at myself,
In broken pieces on the floor.
For I fell, you see,
And I am shattered.

And for the sadness
Engulfing me?
I can find no word.

So I just sigh, thinking,
Oh folly, where have you led me?
Oh friend, why did you turn on me?
Oh pain, why did you befriend me?
Oh love, why did you leave me?

For I fell, you see.
And I am shattered

How come nobody has come up with an instant cure for heartbreaks? How I wish I could discover one. Wow, I bet would make millions... or even gazillions. I guess when it comes to heartbreaks, the old adage runs true and that only time is the healer, the band-aid to seal the wound and make us whole again. 

Sadly, I have no patience. But fortunately, God has decided that this Taufiq fellow is absolutely hopeless, and has thus decided, on His own Majestic discretion, to fill my life with people who are patient. Individuals who remain calm, circumspect and sensible in the face of the most trying of personal tragedies. In the sort of circumstances that would unhinge the most balanced of minds, they appear to be the calm eye in the tornado. Ah, I am sure you know of such people in your own lives. Now if only I would follow their good examples!

17. Support
If Thou do not avail us in our need, who can?
If Thou do not turn Thy gaze into our hearts, who will?
O’ Lord, look! And heal our broken hearts and broken lives
In our destiny and meaning that is Thee only.

Oh, whither did my breath go not glorifying Thee?
Oh, whither did my feet take me if not to Thee?

I am a true coward that way. I get distracted and attached to this world, I forget God and I also forget to be nice until finally something not nice happens to me and my heart gets broken - Then I go running back to God, bitterly regretting each second that I was forgetful of His Presence and Presents.... "Oh, wither did my breath go not glorifying Thee? Oh, whither did my feet take me if not to Thee...?"  

You must not be like me, sunshine. Don't be a whiner. Nobody likes a whiner.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

So true and so sad. But those who allow us to whine a bit are such precious friends.

Unknown said...

Agree with Denise whole-heartedly, bro... Hence, the reason why we chatted for hours over a bottle of Coke or teh tarik...when is the next session? hehehe!

Milky Tea said...


Right you are!


Right you are that Denise is right. And the commiserating over Coke or teh tarik is always great. By the way... who are you!?

God bless you all!