Saturday, January 7, 2012

All Gypsies under the Mercy Moon, All Sheep under the Shepherd Sun

All Gypsies under the Mercy Moon, All Sheep under the Shepherd Sun
I do not know of your God,
Nor do I know of my God,
I only know of God,
Neither yours nor mine,
Just God.

I do not know of you,
Nor do I know of me,
I only know of we,
Neither you nor I,
Only we.

Are we not all Trespassers under the His Sky...?

I do not know of the Guide
Who would leave those
In utter need of guidance
Without someone to bring
Them to safety.

Are we not all Gypsies under the Mercy Moon...?

I do not know of the love
I feel in my breast,
For it is not knowledge,
It was never written
Save as a spell
In the heart of
The unwary.

Are we not all Spellbound under the Sky Unmade...?

I do not know of Him
Though He knows fully
And truly of me.

I tried to capture a little
Of His vision, smiling in grace
Upon the most magnificent sky,
But my thieving hand trembled
As my atoms whirled in His praise...

For how can a fish
Catch the fisherman?
How can a deer
Catch the hunter?
And how can the sheep
Catch the shepherd?

Are we not all Sheep under the Shepherd Sun...?

I could not sleep, taken ill because I neglected my medication today. So I surfed the internet sea and I came across this interesting little concert, played and sung by men garbed in strange attire. The music that they played were beautiful and hypnotic. I do believe that this was recorded live in Germany. I wrote the prose listening to their haunting harmonies.

May God bless you always in your wandering and in your staying. Take care, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


lin said...

Wow Peq! Chad and I are really impressed with what you have done with your blog! Kudos to you! You are a great writer. I'm sure you have inspired many readers :)

Milky Tea said...

You are much too kind, Lin. Love and hugs to you and my fav postie in North Dakota!