Saturday, January 14, 2012

Divine Parachute and Divine Assurances - My cold feet about getting born

You know what? It is fine, just like how God promised.

I was with God. The divine parachute was ready. My mom, God bless her sweet soul was just being wheeled into the operation theater of Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She looked a little tired and apprehensive. Well, she should be, she has been out of practice giving birth for 6 whole years. Two of my elder brothers are already in the world. And now it's my turn. But before I made that leap and leave God's side, I wanted to ask God a few questions. Some burning doubts that I had about God's plan...

Will You be with me?
You will? But I shan't see You?
But I will hear You, yes?
Waitaminute. So I can't see You and I shan't hear You...
So how is this gonna be? You are leaving me, this is what it is!
I will feel You? How?
In my heart?
How will I know it is You?
I reckon there are a lot of good things I can feel,
So how do I know which one is You?
All of them? They are all from You?
But perhaps I don't want this 'good feeling'
Perhaps all I really want is You? Then how?
Oh, You will be sending Your own representatives?
Are they suitably qualified to represent You?
Oh, imminently qualified, are they? Hmm.
Really, why do we need to go through this round-about way?
After all, You are here with me. And I rather not be anywhere else,
Or with anyone else. I just want You, don't You understand?
Yes, sure You would know me best. I cannot disagree with that.
After all, You made me. Indeed, You made everything and everyone.
Yes, yes... I know You love me. I know You are the one that loves me best.
Then I must do this? This birth, life and death thing? I don't know...
You are not putting me in harm's way. Look, I cannot imagine YOU doing that.
Yes... You would choose the best for me, I know that.
Sigh. Okay... and you promise me that You will be there with me, right?
Right next to me, yes? Not far off in another world or dimension?
You will see me all the time? You won't stray Your attention one moment?
You will hear me if I call You?
What do you mean?! Of course I will call on You ALL the time. Honestly.
You mean that I may forget You? But how can I?
No, God. I shan't ever forget You. That is just silly.
I don't know how I may be tested? Of course, I don't... this is Your creation.
This is Your world, Your rules and regulations.
Sigh. But You will keep Your promises, yes?
Then I will keep mine.
Sigh. I miss You already, You know...
Do don't go on like that,
I might just change my mind.
Please, just send me now to my father and mother.
Goodbye God... Love You.
See You on ... oh, oops. Silly me. I forgot. 
I will not see You anymore down there.
But I will be waiting to feel You...
So don't keep me waiting too long, okay?
Goodbye then.

Someone read this post before I published it and this was what he commented, "Very cute, old boy. But God never gave you a Divine Parachute. It's a Divine Bungee. And sooner than you think, you will be returning back up to Him." Hehe. He is right.

Have a beautiful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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