Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The University of Love, Butt-Belch and Face-Fart - Mikhail's 8th Birthday

Mikhail's first picture as an 8 year old boy.  I asked him, "How does it feel to be eight?"
He replied, "Much the same, Papa."
Today is Mikhail's eighth birthday. And the fact that he has lived this long despite having a dad like me is a true reflection of his spirit to survive, live and damn all. He has endured the test and tribulation of my temper, clumsiness, ignorance and donkey-like stubbornness to reach this milestone. Not bad.

Butt-Belch and Face-Fart
But in my own limited ways, I have tried to teach him about good and bad. Politics and Chelsea Football Club (baaaad...), God, Nabi Muhammad, Eric Cantona (Goood...). I have tried to put a different angle to everyday things, so that he might learn, "Mika, a fart is a butt-belch, and a belch is a face-fart. Think about it."

University of Love
A parent's love for his/her child is passionate, real and visceral. It is maddening like drug, but if we keep our eyes open and our ears attentive, we are in truth entering into a University of Love, with God and the Prophet as our Master and Don, and us majoring in the delicate and challenging science of raising a kid good. 

93. Muhammad Mikhail
May he be a servant of God,
A lover of the Prophet,
A friend of the Angels,
A mureed of the Masters,
A caretaker of the Traditions,
And spring of charity
To all who may come to him in need.

Somewhere far, far down the line,
Perhaps he can also call himself
A son of mine.

That is my prayer for my son.

Have a beautiful day, sunshine. It is Mika's birthday!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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