Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Fork on the Road - Our mistakes and God's Compassion

Where is the sign? How do I know which road to take?

4. A Fork on the Road

While strolling on the Path as if all time is yours, you meet a fork in the road, and a sign which says,"This way, o' Wanderer", but you take the other road.

As you wander further, you come across yet another fork, and yet another sign, but this time pleading, "This way,o' wayward one!" Again you choose the opposite path.

And you repeat this folly again and again.

Until you finally reach another fork, and lo, there is no sign to guide you. Bemused, you stand there wondering, "Eh? Someone removed the sign?" To be answered by a painful whack on the back of your head.

Rubbing your throbbing skull, you turned warily to see your assailant, and you see your Master, holding the sign. And he addresses you, "Enough!" Impatiently He grabs you by your collar and drags you to the right road (Which is always the right turning, by the way).

In an exasperated tone, the Master asks, "Why do you always make it difficult for yourself?"

With a glint in your eye, you looked up and replied, "O, Master, had I not erred for so long and for so many times and in so many ways, you would not have come for me..."

"But I have taught you already!" exclaimed the Master, "You should be following my teaching and serving me. But time and time again it is I who have to come to YOUR rescue. So, tell me, who is serving who here, and who is actually the Master?"

Without skipping a beat you answered, "The best servant is the best Master, and the best Master is the best servant."

The Master pondered at his young student, and then sighed, "Do you always have an answer for everything?"

Whereupon you replied, "So far. For you taught me very well, o' Master!"

Everyone wants to hurry it up - Change the channel, where's the tv remote?! Where's the car keys? I gotta run! What time do you have? Oh, God, I am late already! But the truth is, somethings we just cannot rush. Not the coming of the tide, nor the rising of the Sun. For each change in nature, and for each change in human nature there is an appropriate time and place.

For change in human nature, especially for the better, is not actually change at all. It is in truth the revelation of who you truly are and where you lie in the greater scheme of things. You may think you are a whole lot of something, God's gift to mankind, or you may think you are a barrel full of nothing. This emotion changes with time, and it often affects which path you choose to take - the low road of the ego, or the high spiritual path of the soul.

I guess what I am trying to say is, don't give up. If you have taken the wrong path a hundred times, or even a thousand times over, there is still another fork lying in wait for you at the end of the road. If you have erred before, you need not err now, you can choose the right path.

And if you are in doubt and there is no clear sign, just abide by the last words of the sinner - Love will show the Way.

Thank you for dropping in today, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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