Sunday, January 8, 2012

Will you not love Me? - asked God persistently

First day at school. Still very dark though it is in fact past 7am. 
Mika is back home. And brought a gigantic poster of Star Wars 'Clone Wars' play cards.
The poster is almost as tall as the little blighter.
If you live in Malaysia, you will know that the Chinese New Year is just around the corner.
This means that the hot weather has begun and the year's end rainy season has ended.
And let me tell you that (to me) there is no greater thirst quencher than a glass
of rippling wet ice water. Ahhhh.
I woke up very, very early on Saturday. I found the Moon lying very low to Earth,
just peeping over the nearby hills of Bukit Kiara. I found her nearness haunting and
her luminous beauty beguiling. I took out my cellphone and took a picture, but I
forgot to say thanks to the Maker. So I will do it right now - "Thank You , God!"

The Persistent God 
"Will you not love Me?" Asked God persistently...
Your mother loves you the way I deign best,
Your father loves you at My encouragement,
Your siblings love you at My own behest,
Your lover loves you at My blandishment,

Everything and everyone,
From friends, aunties and uncles,
Nephews, nieces and cousins
All love you by My will.
Thus, will you not love Me in return?

Loving Me best of all,
Loving Me above anything else,
Takes nothing away from
Your love for anyone else,
If you but understood what Love means...

Have a perfectly well-rounded day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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