Friday, January 27, 2012

Layla, Majnun and their Big Fish in God's Ocean of love

26. The Smile
Layla! My Enthroned Sorrow!
My balm and heartache!
My sweet hemlock!
I caught Your Smile intended for another,
And it was I that You drove mad,
Though You were never mine.

Thou art blind,
For if thou saw My Smile,
Then it was always intended for thee,

And if I have ever Loved anyone any better,
Tell me, who can it be?

As a bona fide sinner, I don't go for the big fish. I am a timid sort of fisherman for love, and I would be happy enough to catch a small halibut for lunch. This is your fate and your limits when you are fishing at the very shallowest end of God's Ocean of Love. I am not complaining, I am gratified already to be allowed to slum about in His Creation. Thank You, God.

But once in a while, the great white whale passes underneath my rickety boat. That manifestation of Divine Love as reflected in the curious entanglement of Layla & Majnun. I don't often record such prose, but when the Big Love bumps my boat, I put down my fishing rod and just write. I dare not tempt fate when Big Love is knocking.

Our Weakness As Humans
When you are in love with a human being, you have to accept his weaknesses. He may not be geared to please your every whim 24/7. He is unlikely to be a great chef, he is probably not the fittest specimen on the block and he is likely to be hiding some other personal foibles too embarrassing to share with you even now. And sometimes, when he smiles, he is not smiling at you. There is nothing wrong with that.

There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence
If however you choose to love the Divine Being, the Celestial Lord, the One-and-Only-and-No-Other God Almighty, you can safely assume that if you catch the smile of God, it was certainly meant for you. For God does nothing without purpose, and there is nothing coincidental at all about Him and His actions.

Need We Choose?
Must we choose between mortal love or divine love? I don't think so. For if you are fated to love the Unlike-Any-Other (aka God), only then will you truly encapsulate and manifest your love for the any other (aka man or woman). Love for God is the championship of championships of love, The Nulli Secundus (Second to None) of romance, the Rolls Royce of intimacies and the Moby Dick of affections. 

Layla & Majnun is an ancient tale, but you can join the story at any time, sunshine.

Think about it.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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