Friday, January 6, 2012

Wake up! Wake up, darling soul!

Wake Up
Wake up and tell me that you love me,
Wake up and tell me that there is no other,
Wake up and tell me that you need me,
For I am yours, your only Master.

Wake up and tell me that you love me,
That all the hurt you felt last night,
All the hate that became your bed,
All the sorrow that became your pillow
Will have withered in the morning light.

Wake up and confess your love for me,
For while you lay in restless slumber,
It was I who cared for your every hour,
Awake or sleeping, you belong to me
So love Me truly like no other.

Is it me reading something in a book, or did someone say something to me? It was a hadis (saying) of the Prophet Muhammad, when he said; "People are sleeping. When they die they will wake up ( or 'come to their senses', according to another narration)."

I often fall asleep tired out by the world. And often enough it is because I was beset by problems, sorrow, hurt, envy and pain of my own making. I do not want to forget the Lord. I do not intend to swim through so much unhappiness. After all, it would be crazy to want that. But why then do I always do it?

I have not built a monument, no building, no towering edifice in this world to mark my short existence here. I only have words, so tonight I wish to be dressed and garbed by my words. Words of hope.

Come, sunshine, into the garden of my words. And take the rose for yourself. Just mind the thorns!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

Footnote on the sketch: My thanks to Heche for stopping me from chucking the sketch away. In the beginning, I just wanted to get rid of the drawing, thinking it unpretty. I guess she saw how much better it could be with a little more effort. Perhaps that is why she is still with me. Seeing more in me than I myself could imagine.

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