Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nashua, the Angel with a Long Train and a German Rock Ballad

I am here because you called me, Nashua. 

An Angel with a Long Train and the Scorpion’s Love Lullaby
An angel robed with a long train
Walked past a mingling crowd of working mothers,
Sitting, standing waiting in a row
With their noisy, clapping, laughing children.
One girl, with curly locks over her brown eyes
Noticed the angel and said, “Hey! What are you?”
“I am an Angel.” Replied the Herald.
“Why are you here?”
“I am here because you called me, Nashua.”
She made a face and denied, “No. I didn’t.”
The Angel then explained.

“Yes, you did. Or rather, you will. 23 years in the future. You were heartbroken by a man (that scoundrel), and you were listening to radio pathetico. Then the German rock band, Scorpions came on air with their song ‘Send me an Angel’. When you heard it, you cried even more, and you whispered along with the song, “Here I am, send me an Angel…” So here I am, an Angel.”

“I do not understand. Then, why are you here NOW?” Said Nashua.

“Because at 31 years old, you have grown up, Nashua. And you have forgotten and unlearnt the innocence and wisdom of children. I cannot appear to you in the future. But I am touched by your sadness. So I have travelled to the past to see you. You must keep this memory so that you know that however ill-used you will become, your Guardian Angel and our Lord God is never far. “

She then ventured a question, “Will I remember this? To which the Angel said, “No. but perhaps the love of our connection will remain. So that at the very least, you will remember to call unto God and His Angels, however much you despair of your life.

Then, the Angel smiled. “For that is why, I am here, you see. You remembered me still. As an echo of a Love Lullaby. Even if it took the Scorpions to trigger your subconscious. To be perfectly honest, they are not exactly in Heaven’s Top 100, being you know... a little naff*. But we Angels have learnt to adapt to humanity’s strange caprice.”

Nashua did not fully understand the Angel’s extended monologue, but her wise 8 year old heart understood enough. “Well, I guess I must thank you, Mr. Angel.” With great dignity, the Angel bowed before Nashua, “You are most welcome, o’ daughter of Eve.”

The little girl blushed looking pleased, and said,
Okay, so now what?”

The Angel stood up to his full height and extended his hand, “Why, now we have a little time before I leave. Hop on my train, and I will take you for a ride.”

Nashua smiled, crying, “Yeah!” But then she paused, and asked, "Wait. What is naff?"

Footnote: Courtesy of the BBC website – meaning of ‘Naff’. N-A-F-F. British slang. It means worthless, tacky, unfashionable - 'that's naff', 'the party was naff', 'those clothes are naff' - unenjoyable, of poor quality. 'Uncool', I suppose people would say these days - 'that décor is naff', 'that software is naff', 'that pub is naff'. In other words, it's used in a huge variety of circumstances as a general dismissive term…


Truth be told, I am actually fond of the song by The Scorpions, being kinda naff myself. Anyway, if you would like to see the music video, Click Here.

Hope you enjoyed the story, sunshine. You may have noticed that time appears to be circular in the tale, begging the question, which actually happened first - the past or the future?    

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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