Monday, January 2, 2012

Women and Problematic Facial Hair - First Day of 2012

I have a problem with facial hair. I don't really have enough of it. This would be good news if I was a woman, but bad if I am a man with ambitions of a beard. No, I have not been keeping beard for the past 10 years because of religious tradition. I simply discovered that a crop of facial hair strategically grown on my chin helps hide my double chin.

19. Beards
Some men wear beards
Only to hide their double-chins
And double-faces.

A pretty-looking mask hiding
A pretty forked tongue.

I hope I don't have a forked tongue. At least I try not to make it a habit of lying.

Until yesterday I have allowed my beard to grow long-ish. And I then found out that apart from the scarcity of hair, I also have unruly beard gene. My beard refuses to abide by the laws of gravity. Unlike other beards which falls obediently in a downwards direction, my rebellious facial hair likes to spring to life at the gentlest provocation, bending sideways and often times upwards, as if reaching for the sky. Nobody wants their beard reaching for the sky.

So I finally done the deed and when to a new Indian barber. It is a new Indian barber because I was actually on my way with Heche to brunch in her neighbourhood of Taman Tun. We were coming to park near the restaurant when she suddenly sprang to life, "Look! Look! A barbershop, and it's open. And hey, there's no customers, you don't have to wait at all!" From this you may gather that Heche doesn't like my long beard much.

The barbershop contained the friendliest barbers I have ever found, greeting me with white toothy smiles and "Happy New Year! Happy New Year!" And in a couple of minutes, the eldest barber was done trimming my untidy facial shrubbery. As I was about to pay I saw 2 rattan basket containing cheap colourful brushes and combs, so I inquired as to their prices. "No, boss. This is New Year's Day present." replied the shopowner. I picked an orange hair brush. Hurrah, a New Year's Day gift for me. It really made my day. And of course, I am gonna come to this barbershop from now on. Ah, what can I say?... I am a sucker for free gifts.

As I walked to Heche who was waiting for me at the restaurant, I was pleased as punch, grinning and feeling good. Heche smiled when she saw me, but commented, "Hmm. The barber should have trimmed your beard shorter." There is no pleasing them sometimes, you know. Shorter? Honestly.

8. Ah, a Woman
Fragile, soft
And yielding,
But ever so

How's your year been so far. sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

My New Year has been fabulous so far. No beard trimming for me!

Milky Tea said...

Congratulations! Hehehe. Happy New Year, Denise.