Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When God calls, My servant... My servant - who will answer?

25. The Calling
I am calling them,
But few heed Me,
All they hear is
"My servant, My servant",
And in pride,
they turn away.

Had they heeded Me,
Would have they not found in Me
Their greatest hopes?
And even more would
I have bestowed.

Would I have not
Taken them closer to Me?

In the intimacy
Of their companionship
WIth their children
Is an analogy
For all to wonder,
But they enquire not
And remain blind,

They say, "I am me",
Not knowing their true nature,
Lo, that the truth would have set them free,
But they do not understand.

The Analogy. I am not a great father. Sometimes, I simply give up. My son is stubbornly refusing to eat his vegetables, and often I just sigh and say, "Up to you, Mika." At other times, especially with Heche playing bad cop, he would eat his carrots, but only after the most lengthy of negotiations, irrelevant diversions, back-pedaling and time-wasting by the cunning little scallywag. Thus I am thankful that unlike me, God never gives up. God does not sigh and becomes indifferent to mankind's eternal and insane habit to self-destruct. In His divine attribute as the Most Loving, God is the One Most Concerned for us.

The Mind, Servanthood, Love and the Ego. God has created the mind, ergo our rationale faculties not to be our lord and master, but to be a servant and student of Love. And where need be, to help our conscience and heart to curtail and put a bridle on our ego - To guide our ever misguiding ego back to the safe path of servanthood and love. Servanthood comes first and higher because firstly, without servanthood to God and Man, love often gets corrupted by the ever-turbulent ego and degenerates into a mutual admiration club to the exclusion of everyone else - Haven't you noticed, even a relationship can have its own 'joint ego'? And secondly and perhaps most fundamentally, how will we recognise that it is us that God is calling when he asks, " o' My servants, o' My servants... "

Mikhail. Over the weekend, my son got his first ever spectacles. I got mine at 12, while my second eldest brother, judging by our family album, must have gotten his at 3 or 4. The good news is that Mikhail doesn't suffer from high astigmatism, unlike his ol' dad.

Have a lovely day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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