Monday, January 9, 2012

Gurindam, Mulla Nasruddin and the Tailor

Gurindam Again - Today the sinner attended a meeting concerning an oil palm enterprise in the morning, together with his partner and friend, Ariffin. We were happy that Gurindam was also in the meeting. Gurindam (a pseudonym) is an elder and wise planter that we had made acquaintance with last year, some stories of which has already been recorded in this almanac.

An intermission - During today's meeting, Gurindam suddenly slipped me a note paper, on which he had scribbled, "The most scary matter is to be a witness to your ownself in front of Allah azzawajalla on what you have done / not done during your world life." Now what is this about?

Mulla Nasruddin - This caught me by surprise. But I held my peace for the duration of the meeting. Instead, I myself scribbled a reply in the form of a story about Mulla Nasruddin, a great sufi persona of immense stature, whose life story and tale is replete with wisdom mingled in mortal irony and humour. My brother, Saiful shared the tale with me last night. He told me the story this way -

Sufi guy goes a tailor to make a shirt. Tailor says, " God willling, it'll be ready next week ". Sufi guy comes back after a week, Tailor says," Shirt not ready, God willing, next week ". Sufi guy comes back again a week later. Tailor guy says, "Not ready, God willing, it'll be ready next week". Sufi guy then says.."Look, if we leave God out of it, how soon can my shirt be ready?"

Many Interpretations - I slipped the note back to Gurindam who read my reply. He chuckled, then he passed back the note with a reply, "It is just a test of patience". I found this interesting because my brother looked at the story from another angle which is "Stop using God as an excuse." But I guess an event recollected in a folk tale or sufi lore often offers many equally valid interpretations, depending really on whose point of view you are taking.

Mr. Mischief - Anyway, the meeting soon ended and I queried Gurindam as to the purpose of the advise, And this was what he answere, "If we really believe that God is with us all the time, we would not do any mischief." I listened and replied, "Ah. Very true. But I am not there yet..." After all, what else can I say?... for it is true... I still make mischief. But now I am wondering why he shared that with me. Did he read 'Mr. Mischief' written on my forehead? I should see him again, I think, and find out more. Insecure? Guilty as charged!

I have always found Gurindam fascinating. So much so that I have written at least 4 earlier postings arising from our conversations. We first met during a visit to an oil palm estate in Sarawak, situated in the island of Borneo/Kalimantan (Click on title to go to the postings): -
Each time I have ventured out of my private and almost hermit-like life, fate has presented me with beautiful people who are generous enough to share with me the most wonderful of stories and wisdom. I think it is time for the sinner to travel again. But where?

Have a lovely Monday, sunshine. God bless you.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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Sufi stories are the best.

Milky Tea said...

They are certainly thoughtful and makes you think... Anything that makes you think is wonderful!

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