Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Charity and Piety, Love and Kindness- saying goodbyes...

The Truth Is…
If you are not prepared to risk everything,
The truth is you have gained nothing for yourself,

If you are not willing to lay down your life for a friend,
The truth is you have not found a friend for life,

If you have not burst into flame,
The truth is you have not come close enough to the Sun,

And if you have time to spare,
The truth is you must lose no time
To end that sparseness,
And fill your hours and days
With charity and piety
Love and kindness.

My late sainted mother would have undoubtedly disapproved me writing about her. She would consider my superlatives and adjectives of her as undeserved and exaggerated. But sincerity has a beauty unto itself, whether you are pious or irreligious, whether you are wealthy or stricken in poverty. I only write what I know of her.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of my mum’s passing, and I would like to suggest something extra nice for my family to do. The plan is still gestating in my head, but family and orphans will be part of it, I am sure.

On the day of my mother’s passing, there was a burst of flame. And it shined brightly like a beacon. It called unto her many, many close friends and family to come to my house, “If you had known Arbayah in your life, know that she has passed on. So come that you might say your last goodbye.”

Whenever I visit her grave, which I don’t do often enough, I always say “Hello.” But I never say goodbye, for that was said almost 10 years ago. What I always say is, “See you soon, Mama.

My mother was a strong and capable woman who lived life to the fullest. Though she might not agree with my constant harping of her life and love, no doubt she would agree with the last phrase of the prose. 

Thus fill your day, sunshine, with charity and piety, love and kindness.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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