Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Fisherman, the Mountain of Contemplation and the Sea of Souls

The Fisherman, the Mountain of Contemplation & the Sea of Souls

When I said I love You,
Seventy thousand mountain springs
Burst with spring water upon
The Mountain of my Contemplation.

For seventy thousand years the
water ran across the face of the mountain
Cutting and wearing down the obstinacy
Of my life until finally the mountain and me
Crumbled into the Sea that is my end.

In the Sea of Souls I found a fisherman fishing,
And I could hear him singing a hymn,
"Long before you ever loved Him,
He already loved You, declaring His love
For you unto Himself,
Long before you contemplated Him,
For countless eons He has been contemplating you,
Long before you yearned for Him,
He has found you desirable and yearned for you,
Long before you found obstinacy and determination
To look for Him, He has already created
Obstinacy and determination for His lovers
To look for Him in the mirrors of creation
And in the deep sleep and dreams that man
Call their conscious life...

Like a mountain you were on earth,
But no mountain can claim the love of God
And continue to stand unchanged,
Thus torn asunder were you
By your own adventure."

Suddenly he stopped singing.
Then he spoke,

"So, my little eaves dropper,
I ask you...
Now you that are here,
Have you not found your heart's desire?"

Hullo, sunshine. Have you found your heart's desire? Have you found your heart? Have you found yourself?

Well, if you haven't, keep me company then, by the shore of the Sea of Souls. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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