Thursday, January 12, 2012

If given a choice, I would still choose You - God, Love and Choices

If given a choice, I would still choose You...
I want to rest awhile
By this stream, and pray a little,
To think a little, and ponder my journey thus far,

I want to rest awhile
Beneath the crescent moon,
For my slippers are worn by my endless wandering,
And my head is tired with too much thinking,

I want to rest awhile
And lay my back on this tree,
Which grew out of a seed, into a sapling
And finally into a shade of mercy,

The law is the path,
The journey is the walking
The end is God, as He is in
The very beginning.

God’s omnipresence
In my ear and in my heart
Is a predestined condition,
But if given a choice
I would still choose Him
Above any other voice.

CHOICE. If you believe in God, then you don't actually have a choice about a lot of things. Of course, you can still choose to be good or bad, nice or nasty. But the world that we live in, the preconditions of life like breathing, eating and drinking, and most fundamentally, the existence of God, is not an optional extra.

GOD. I would like to dream however, that given a choice, I would still choose God. For I am informed by those-in-the-know that there is none who is equal or comparable to God, especially in that God-department of being Merciful and Compassionate and Loving and Patient and Kind. I certainly don't desire another ordinary mortal to dominate my existence. Human beings are beautiful, lovely and infused with the Divine Spirit. But when the going gets tough, when tempers are frayed, when things are simply not going their way, mankind can be pretty darn awful.

AND YOU? But perhaps the most difficult choice is when you have to choose between yourself and God. Between our selfishness and the Lord's generosity. Between our passion for envy, anger and hatred and the virtues of humility, patience and tolerance. There shouldn't even be a question of choosing, right? Then why the heck do I often choose wrong?

May you make your day beautiful, sunshine. It's your choice.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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