Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pearls on Fire, the Water Aflame - Disappointment and the Riddle of Detachment and Indifference

Pearls on Fire, the Water Aflame
Pearls on fire,
The water aflame at sunset,
Labourers walking home to rest,
Mothers calling their children home,
But it is at night that I come alive
To find my Love all mine, all alone.

Pearls on fire,
The water aflame at sunset,
Tired father drinks his tea
Mother puts her daughter to bed,
But it is at night that I come alive,
Passing by angels and heralds
Loitering for orders at heaven’s gate.

Pearls on fire,
The water aflame at sunset,
The mourners for the fallen promises,
All laid aglitter by the sunlit day,
Collect the smashed and broken peace,
And turn to our Love and murmur our regrets
For desiring another company other than His.

Pearls of fire,
The water aflame at sunset,
The peacekeepers of God hails
The wardens, their wards and the nightingales.

Sometimes we return home, tired and dispirited. The world, full of such promise, turns up today to be a little disappointing. I don’t blame you, sunshine, if you are a little sad. Mystics and Sufis talk of detachment, but it does not mean being indifferent. There is no challenge in being detached to something if you are actually indifferent to it. It could be losing a job, not getting a job, being dumped by your boyfriend, stood up by a blind date, losing your wallet, losing your house … anything, really. But it has to matter. If it doesn't, then there is nothing to be detached about, right?   

The Riddle
Experience says - If you seek detachment of the world and closeness to God, you must first lose your indifference to the world, and see how it truly matters. Then you shall understand the meaning of detachment. Everything in between is simply your journey.

This sounds like a riddle, yes?

Good luck solving it, sunshine. If you find the answer, share it with me, for I am still searching.

Wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


mariya said...

i am in full agreement with is one to love with all his heart n soul... and be detached at the same time..
i think the riddle can be solved firstly by Rumi..
whatever you lose..dont grieve...for it will surely come your way again in another or better form.
God is Most Generous.
and thus secondly its Trust in God.
to be detached from the forms but loving their essence...
and the riddle could be solved again by the equation of Energy. That the total amount of energy will never change. there will be no increase nor decrease in the total amount energy in the whole universe...
there is no lost in this universe which really is a those wise folks who say...when the moon sets the sun rises.
when something we seem so beautiful gets swept away by the storms of betrayal, hurt is only to make way for the rising of the sun..the rising of a greater glory...a greater joy..
and when we do Love truely for God...we immerse our consciousness with the energy of the universe...we become one with the universe
Love = Hubb (in arabic) = letters ha and baa. ha for hayy (life) and baa for bahr qudra (ocean of power/energy)
the Light of Muhammad binding us and everything as One. when this happen..the Reality is...there will never be a lost...and your heart can thus rest and be detached to the forms..because now, you are united with the essence. May God immerse us in His unity oceans..
i can't help but sing this tune to end my note:

and you are right...being detached isn't about being indifferent. :)

Milky Tea said...


Thank you for your fulsome comment. Your sharing has increased the expanse of the Universe in the language of Love. Who are we compared to the Prophet who with each fleeting moment increases in His honour and exaltation and carries the Nation of Muhammad and the Children of Adam on his beautiful shoulders that once he bared to feel the rain falling from a sky that is not ever lasting but from the Creator of the sky Who is Ever-lasting.

You are wholly right to direct my attention to the unchangeable quantity of Energy as well as (and in contradistinction to) the Unending Ocean of Love and Mercy. I thank God for all my friends, who are with me daily and whom I have not met, but once before in a place when Time have not been created agreed to exchange reminders, caution and solace to each other.

And congratulations on finding the Dictionary of Love. When I saw your youtube link I wondered what Sufi / Dervish / Mystic music you may be humming and I found instead David Cook and his cover of 'Always be my baby'. What divine jest! what divine truth!

Take care and God bless. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to me! Welcome to you! Welcome to me!