Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They do not know, so tell them - Love's Dialogue

They do not know, So tell them
They do not know Me,
They cannot comprehend,
What knowledge can they learn
What worlds can they hold in their hand?

They do not know Me,
They will never understand,
What promise can they offer Me
And what can they actually deliver into My hand?

They do not know Me,
They do not fathom My love for them...

As their mother cradles them,
That is Me and more,
As their lover embraces them,
That is Me and more,
As their friends support them,
That is Me and more,
Words and flesh, poetry and music
The patience and passion of love,
Intangible or tangible,
Visceral and absolutely real,
I am All that for them, and more.

So who will now come to Me?
Who will knock on My door?
Who desires to be greeted by Me,
The Greatest Love of them all,
Greater than great,
More delicate than the softest touch
Of a newborn babe,
More passionate than Majnun,
The All-Encompassing Me,
Beyond the hopes of poets and preachers
And their bewitching spells and runes.

Tell them...
From Me comes the Ink, from Me comes the Pen,
From Me comes all history written by My Own Hand,
And I do not tire in My recreation
Nor My mysteries jade by study.

If they were ever enthralled,
I am The All-Enthralling,
If they were ever fascinated,
I am The All-Fascinating,
If they were ever captivated,
I am The All-Captivating.

When it comes to the Lord, Love and Mankind, there is no end to the superlatives and analogies available, stretching as it does an eternity to the past, and an eternity forward from us now. Really, the only limitation we have, between you and me, is the written and spoken human language. And of course, ink.

Thankfully, we can always communicate through the unspoken language of the heart...

'tis Love by any other name, and there is no end to Love's Dialogue.

Have a beautiful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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