Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Love Letter in Ramadhan - how shall I answer the Lord?

A Love Letter in Ramadhan
Lay your weary head on My names,
The Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful,
And dwell not in your folly and error,

Cast your line into the Sea of My Mercy,
And fish for the bounty that is Me,
And worry not of going hungry,

Close your eyes and listen to Me,
In the temples and in the churches,
In the synagogues and in the mosques,
High upon the hills and through the Mountain passes,
Deep in the forests, farms and meadows,
Wherever you go, there My blessings go,

Glory to Me, mercy for you,
Praise to Me, guidance for you,
Even before you were given life,
Before you first opened your eyes,
Verily, I cherished you and loved you,
And My own angels gathered around
Fascinated by My fascination for you,
And lo, they doubt My faith in you
And touched by the devil’s treachery,
They asked, ‘'Will you bring unto us
The nation of Adam that will bring
Strife and destruction?”

And when you were silent,
I spoke for you,
And when you could not answer,
Verily, I defended you and replied,
Saying unto My heavenly heralds,
“I am God, I know what ye knows not.”

And that is My love for humanity
Before a single child was ever born,
And that is My faith I declared
Before the first church was ever raised,
And that is My blessing for you
Before a single word of praise for Me
Was ever uttered by the children of Adam and Eve.

How I looked forward to your first breath of air,
How careful I gathered and plotted your birth,
Glory be! Glory unto Me! How I yearned for you,
Will you now not yearn for Me?
Will you now not love Me?
Will you now not even
Remember Me?

Ramadhan is coming to an end I am told. In the small bundle of greeting and festive cards we received in our home, one arrived rather late. It was a love letter.

I am sharing it with you today because perhaps you can help me write a decent reply. I am quite at lost for words right now. A rare thing, but it does happen once in a while.

I hope you are enjoying your very last day of Ramadhan. Come evening, the month of Syawal beckons us to another day of hope, praise and love unto the One God, and His beloved Prophet Muhammad Habibullah (pbuh).

See you there, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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