Monday, August 27, 2012

Life and the Alchemy of Meanings - The Prophet(pbuh), music and messrs rock and roll

I Cannot Be More Than This
I cannot be more than this,
A man dressed in the humanly attributes
Of weakness, shamefulness and error.

I cannot be more than this,
A sinner hidden by a veil,
A jester in a court…
But who’s court?
Playing and dancing for a king,
But who is the king?

I cannot be more than this,
To have feelings of success and disappointments,
To be weary sometimes, to be strong sometimes,
And I am ashamed to ask for anything
When I am asking only
To be nothing,

… or so I claim.

I cannot tell you what to do
I cannot tell you what not to do,
I am only a gold digger,
A hobo with a pan in my hand
Scouring the world for
Signs of God in
The earth
Of Man.

You speak to me of your worry
...But I cannot understand,
For just now I heard my Master
Tell me of the Beauty of God
And the blessings for Man,

You tell me of the signs, the names
The words and the secret numbers
Of Djinns and Demon Kings,
But I must be forgiven for taking
My indiscretions a step further -
For I do not care for such meanings,
Looking for the dictionary of the dictionaries,
Looking for the hidden meanings behind the meanings,

For I change the world
With every breath I take,

With every good or bad
That possesses my being
I give meaning
to everything.

This morning my friend arrived from the mountain bearing some grave news, and upon his furrowed brow I saw discontent and worry.

He was worried about his way in life, about responsibilities and knowledge, about effort and sacrifice. I told him not to worry too much, for to be honest, I have always believed him to be a fine and upstanding fellow. A gentleman cut from a fine beautiful jewel, and one whom I am honoured to call a bosom buddy. 

Then he spoke to me of a shirt I made and gave to him many, many years ago. On it was emblazoned the heading 'We Rock 4 Mustafa', a phrase that made me extremely happy, in reference to some presumptuous love we have for Mustafa a.k.a. the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Now I am informed that the phrase is wrong. I should have not used the word 'rock' in relation to the Prophet. Because it appears that the word 'rock' as in 'rock and roll' is actually the name or title of a pair of Djinn Demon lords who conspired for rock & roll to be the name of their dastardly new musical form, intended with the sole purpose of corrupting mankind. Yes, I remember the shock that engulfed humanity when American TV first aired Elvis Presley and his gyrating hips. Cunning, these Djinn Bosses.

Well, I cannot please everyone, nor is it my intention. I am not 'a Sufi', though I love them all (both the sober and the drunkards), and my admiration for the Masters is I believe sincere. I do believe in the existence of Djinns, though I see them not. I have not acquired (nor do I want) the talent to see these foul creatures. But then again I also do not see God nor His Angels, yet I believe in Him and the Angels, and I believe in the teachings of the Prophet(pbuh) and the Saints.

Of the Djinns and Demons..? Let them play their part. And let those who fight such creatures do their noble duty. But if there is a stout little Djinn out there (and no... not Dwayne Johnson) who connived to have his name glorified as Rock (or Roll) through some hedonist and soul-corrupting genre of sexually pulsating melodies, well... we are taking your name and changing it for our own purpose. We can do this, you see, and not just to words or names, but also to  sounds and music, symbols, signs and any other visual or audio depictions that the Djinn mind can conjure. If you knew the extent of our mischief in this regard, you would be scandalized. 

This is a technical posting, sunshine, that may be of interest to some but possibly an utter drag for others. We will revert to our normal programming tomorrow.  

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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