Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The World was created as a Beast of Burden - our purpose and the purpose of our ego. Not the same, actually.

20. Go, Taufiq! Go!
I have no need of crowds,
No cheering masses
To validate my existence,
For my ego alone would fill many stadiums,
In its tumultuous applause
Of me and my greatness,
With no help needed
From anyone.

In this feeling,
I sometimes catch a glimpse of myself,
And know that in truth,
I have lost myself.

Somewhere, all alone,
Save for my stupid ego
Still applauding,
Still shaking the terraces
With stamping feet,
Screaming, “Go, Taufiq! Go!”

Oh, yes, my ego.

I am going.

Soon, I will be gone.

And you will help me get there.

God created the Ego as a beast of burden to carry our spirit. For although our spirit has no weight and cannot be measured physically, it is indeed a burden to our ego because our ego rebels at the very nature of our true spirit - forgiving, understanding, patient, disciplined, earnest, honest, sincere, generous, selfless and ultimately nothing but a weak servant before the Throne of God. Such virtues the ego abhors because the ego recognises only itself and its own rights, superseding any others.

I recall the Masters saying that the Ego cannot be destroyed, but it must be tamed. For this physical world, and the physical body which our spirit presently inhabit is the perfect environment created by the All-Wise God for our ego. And indeed, the ego is the life-force that makes this world and this body livable. The ego is the donkey that we must put the saddle and bridle on to ride towards the Divine Presence.

The Ego: He only mentioned saddle and bridle! Not a bloody
overloaded cart! Ooof! Get this thing offa me!

So why is it sometimes I feel that I am the one being ridden? That I am the beast of burden... To this age-old  problem of humanity the Masters have replied centuries ago... it is because you allow your ego to dominate you.

Me: When did my ego turn into a lion? And ... yikes! It is on
top of me! Gerroff! Gerroff!

May we pick ourselves up this beautiful morning with a stronger spirit, and seek the power of God and guidance of His prophet (pbuh) to wrestle, trick or conspire to better our ego. For though it sometimes feel that we are burdened by this world and our ego, it really should be the other way around. It is the world and our ego that should carry our enlightened spirit, in servanthood to the Lord of the worlds and Creator of all egos.

The Ego: O' man, I have a purpose just as you have a purpose.
And standing in the way of your purpose is my purpose.

Godwilling, sunshine. Amen.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Your sense of humor and your wisdom walk hand-in-hand very nicely!

Milky Tea said...

If you have done the silly and naughty things in life as I have, you need a sense of humour, and pray for dear life that God does too.