Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Book, The Heart, The Master and The Ego - a little notation in the journey

SM: Where is this Taufiq?
SB: God knows...

The Book, The Heart, The Master and The Ego
Did I leave my Book of Etiquette with you?
It has a purple cover and inscribed
On it are three little words…
Ku Ash Punye (property of Ku Ash)

Did I leave my heart in your care?
It is coloured in many hue
And inscribed are three little words…
Tuhanku dan Nabiku (My God and My Prophet)

Have you seen my patience somewhere here?
I cannot tell you how it looks like
For I have not seen it for myself

Have you seen my Master recently?
He is old with long white and grey beard,
He is now an internet star, but long before
Youtube ever came to being he was
An acolyte of the Stars of the Prophet -
His Companions and Saints
Loyal and true to His Word

Oh… my ego, you ask?
My ego is here with me
Chained to my uneven temper
Sometimes ruling over me
Sometimes ruled by me

We are on a journey,
My ego and me,
Upwards across a mountain face,
To the furnace of the white fire
Where burns all men
And their destructive desires.

Well, that is the choice
I am offering my ego...
The hard road or
The easy way.

And this is my constant transaction,
Day after day after day…

In the Dergah, with music, dance, remembrance of God
and praise for the His Prophet. Sometimes the big battle
with the ego involves a lot of singing and dancing,
...kinda overwhelming our state of rebellion
with joyous, translucent
transcendent Love.

Ku Ash.
al fatiha
Our war with the our ego is a constant in our lives. A daily almost continuous conflict between our conscience and our pride, hubris and nafs (base desires). On our side is God Almighty, which should be an advantage. But it is an advantage only if we awake to what God has given humanity - His Messengers and Prophets, His Holy Books, His Saints and the saintly ones.

For us sinners dressed ostensibly as Muslims, our singular path to salvation is through the living, breathing, very-much-in-the-present guidance from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Seal of the Prophets and Mercy to all the worlds. We sinners, so unworthy, have no religion. We are borrowing the Way of Muhammad, and his religion of Islam. We are clutching desperately to the robe of love and mercy that cloaks the Light of Muhammad (NurMuhammad), a horizon of divine light that is boundless, God's own Beloved and the Chosen One.

Well, all I can say is that this world is certainly never boring and always interesting, betrayed as we are constantly by our traitorous ego that dwells within us, and constantly conspired against by the rebellious Devil, dwelling outside but always within whispering distance to our ears. Thus, caught between a rock and a hard place, where do we hide? We do not, we look up to the examples and guidance of our elders and those who are given authority over us. We clutch the robe of the nearest Saint flying overhead and beg him... "Take me to the Prophet, take me to God!"

He he he.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. It is an uncommonly cold morning here in the tropics, but I know that above, hidden by an overcast sky is the Sun, shining bright in places where only Angels and Saints can fly.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


jo said...

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin. Kalau sampai ke Indera Kayangan, jemputlah ke rumah.

Milky Tea said...

Am indeed driving up. A wedding of all things! Selamat cheerio wasalaam Eidul Fitri Jo!