Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Flame of Umar and the Favoured Stars in the Muhammadan Sky - Islam, oral traditions and the miracles of the Holy Quran

1. The Flame of Umar
Someone left the door ajar, you see,
So I wandered in.

There, in my Master’s heart,
I found my Prophet,
Radiant like a sea of happiness,
The Prophet then smiled and
Beckoned me to enter his heart.
Unthinking, I slipped in,
And there I found myself
In the Divine Presence
Of God Himself,
The Utterly Compelling,
The Absolutely Knowing.

God greeted me with great joy,
Then He took me by the hand
And led me to a window
In the Prophet’s heart.
“Look out of the window”,
He told me, and there,
To my surprise, I found myself
Gazing out of my own eyes!

And wherever my gaze turned,
The shadowy forms of this apparent world
Is expelled, and truth of its real nature revealed,
Illuminated by the intense radiance of prophetic light
Which is shining out of my eyes
Like a full moon in the night sky.
Setting this illusory world alight,
As a welcoming light to the guided,
A warning to the unwary,
And a Flame of Umar
To the one-eyed Enemy!

Umar on TV. A friend recently shared with me a tele-series about Umar al-Khattab, Companion of the Prophet(pbuh), and Third Rightfully Guided Caliph of Islam. It is an interesting series, disclosing some traditions about Umar that I was unaware of.

The Miracle of the Holy Quran. But to be absolutely honest with you, nothing beats a direct narrative from a Sufi Master. For although Muslim tales and practices may be put into writing and even turned into a film or television show, nothing comes close to watching and listening to a Sufi Master in action as he shares his stories and practices of the Prophet(pbuh), His companions and the Saints. For Islam is essentially founded on oral traditions and direct transmission from one heart to another. The glorious holy Quran is not glorious because it is just a book. It is glorious because it is a continuing miracle -a living breathing mirror of creation and contains therein the past, present and future record of nations and peoples.

'Muhammad' in Arabic script. It may not look like it,
but the name 'Muhammad' and the owner of the name himself
is the key to understanding the Holy Quran. Any other path offered
is an illusory road, for in Islam Muhammad is necessarily
both the Messenger and the Message.

The key to the Quran, Muhammad Prophet of God(pbuh). The key to unlocking the secrets of the holy Quran is in the heart of all Man. And in that context, it is the Sufi Masters that are the adept inheritors of the Prophet Muhammad, the merciful Mover and Shaper of the human heart.

Having said all these, I am still enamoured with the TV series. But it was a long wait until Episode 8, when Umar, on his hot headed way to kill Muhammad, the divider of the Bani Quraish, trouble-maker and wizard, was turned away from his path to instead visit his wrath upon his own sister, Fatimah and her husband for having left their old religion to join Muhammad in his heresy. From then on... it is living history, to you and me now at this very moment. Ah... Umar and the impeachable Companions of the Prophet(pbuh), favoured stars in the Muhammadan Sky! You can click on the first episode below...

Have a lovely day, sunshine. wa min Allah at-taufiq
Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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