Friday, August 3, 2012

Maybe I Won't Sleep Just Yet... - the sleep and dreams of humanity and God's assurance

193. Sleepwalkers II
O’ sleepwalker,
The eclipse of your consciousness,
Exposes in the fastness of sleep,
The false gods and idols
That your mind,
In broad daylight,
Blindly worships.

I am so sleepy I could break down into tears right this very moment. I wonder where my subconsciousness would take me now if I were to doze off... Would it lead me to a hell full of demons or into a sunlit meadow full of saints? But awake or asleep, it is during the day and our waking hours that we misstep into error - Simply because when we are awake we are in complete control of our thoughts and actions, and with control comes responsibility, and when it comes to responsibility, whether it is to God or to our fellowman or woman, we sometimes fail to fulfill them. Sad but true.

I think if we truly comprehend the magnitude of our deeds and consequences, we would not dare budge and inch from our bed for fear of harming someone or something. We would just lie in bed, waiting for the Angel of Death to take us to The Other Side in our pyjamas. But then God did not intend us to just laze about like a Bohemian poet-cum-activist. He intended us to go out there into the world to earn our living, to contribute our bit of effort for the common good, and essentially to be an all-round productive sort of human being. And God is not unfair. He must have seeded in us some iron will, some perceptive wisdom and a reservoir of patience that we may tread this world happily and safely.

That is a happy thought. Maybe I won't sleep just yet.

Have a lovely night, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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