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The Legion of Saints in The Age of 'Enlightenment' and 'Renewal' - democracy and the repeated lies of the Arab Spring

The Mawlana
Life begins at 40, they say, so I must be only 2. Hehehe. Life begins at our birth they say, and yea they are not wrong. But my life, your life, our lives is much, much older than that. From our birth, we have in our beings already the past history of mankind, from the creation of Adam and Eve, through the tumultuous events of the past Prophets of God until the arrival upon this Earth, and great was the welcome given unto him because by his birth God has honoured and blessed the world, of the Seal of the Prophets, Master of the Beginning and the End, our most beloved Prophet, Nabi Muhammad ibn Abdullah (pbuh), radiant light of Mercy, perfection upon perfection, the most beautiful rose in the Garden of Creation. Muhammad(pbuh) is the final and complete divine assurance given by God that verily, He has not forsaken us and verily He is most concerned unto his creation with the sublime and all-encompassing attribute as the Most Compassionate (ar-Rahman) and Most Merciful (ar-Rahim).

So how can we say we are young? It makes no sense, even if we are 1 year old or 15. We are only young in experience. So how can we say we are old, for our life stretches from the known history into the known future. The Devil, who is our tireless enemy, has conspired through his arsenal of tricks and traps to disconnect us from this knowledge. And verily, he has succeeded. First through the Renaissance of the West, when he duped people into thinking, “We are young! We are new! We are fresh thinkers! What for we obey the traditions of our forefathers? What for we respect our elders and their silly bumbling ways? King? Who needs a King when we can ALL be Kings?”

146. Old King Louis
Who was it that deposed the King,
And invited the devil(s) in?

Hah! They speak of nations with no thrones,
They speak of republics with no tyranny.

In truth, what have they done
Save only to leave the people
Kingless and unguided
But for the single-minded pursuit of avarice.

Emptying the Bastille
Only to fill her up again.

The hallmark
Of mobs in power.
They started it.
And we follow. Very smart. 

For the Devil knew that if he wanted to use a people to corrupt others, they themselves must be assured that they are right, that they are the enlightened ones. And the Devil was most arduous in cultivating his ideas amongst the young, the intelligentsia, the soldiers, the politicians and the merchants, breaking down the authority of the Church and the King, until churches and palaces are now mere museums and a showcase for European royalties without authority. Figureheads forced to accept the tyranny of the majority.

PR and Propaganda at its finest.
And once assured of his control, the Devil used the West to spread the Renaissance ideas of corruption, deception and ill-manners under the guise of egalitarianism, liberty and equality, this poison upon the natural human spirit that is called popular democracy. And they found amongst the young Turks and Arabs an eager audience of listeners, ready to uproot the old ways, to topple the Throne of the Shadow of God, to stop calling themselves Ottomans, but now simply Turks! To stop calling themselves Arabs and the Nation of Muhammad but now Iraqis, Jordanians, Egyptians etc… The Devil has reintroduced selfish nationalism and tribalism back into the soul of Islam, when the Prophet himself(pbuh) has cursed it for the hatred and enmity that it sows amongst humanity.

What has happened has happened.

The House of Democracy, Tahrir Square, Egypt.
The House of God, Mecca. Which of this places has God blessed?

The Mawlana of Lefke, Cyprus is calling unto the Nation of Muhammad, and the Believers not to forsake their history. To remember and respect the past, and to seek support from the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and unto all His Companions and Saints who are themselves ready and supported by the Light of God. But now people are walking past the Maqams (graves and tombs) of the Saints not knowing or not caring. They don’t even bother to give gracious greetings of salam(peace). Do they think such personages are dead and sleeping in their graves? The saintly dead has hallowed their life and death in the perfection of their Adab (courtly manners and courtesies) while the living walk around with no Adab at all.

What has happened has happened.

You and I know that the dead do not sleep. That death is but a door, a gateway to another place, and verily the blessed Friends of God are more alive than we are. Let us recall our history, for alone we cannot sustain our vigilance against the unending conspiracies of the accursed Devil and his tribe, who sleeps not for even five minutes in their undying hatred for all of Mankind.

God has blessed you, sunshine. For though we are weak and a little pathetic, we are with The Legion of Saints.

Three don't make a Legion, you say? Look with your heart, they reply.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way.

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