Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Tired Devil and The End of Time - Fear not fear, fear God...

He asks some pretty difficult questions sometimes. Cheeky boy.
I went back earlier to the house to assemble a book shelf and Mikhail was at home. He had misplaced two books of the Dairy of a Wimpy Kid series. I think he has five. He was searching high and low for them, and so I suggested a small prayer that he might recite to help him find it. It is a common enough prayer for those who knows it, but is perhaps less common to those who are not aware of it, involving the assistance of invisible servants of the Lord, by whatever name or title you call them.

In the course of our chat, Mikhail suddenly asked me, "Papa, are there good Djinns?" It is a tricky question, but I did my best, "Well, Mika... Djinns are similar to Man because they can choose between good and bad. Just like you, right?"

He nodded his understanding. Then I continued, "But I have heard some people say that the best of Djinns are like the worst of Man. And yet, I am also told that in the Djinn World there are Djinns who are believers, and there are Djinns who fight against them."

He pondered a bit, then asked me, "Don't the Devil ever want to be good?"


"You know, Papa. The Devil is immortal, right? Isn't it a waste that he has all this time and doesn't do good? Doesn't he want to change?"

I was stumped for an answer. "Err, err... let me get back to you on that, Mika."

The Tired Devil. It is a good question. I would like to know the answer to it myself. Then I recall just a couple of months back, when I heard the sohbet (speech) of a Sufi GrandShaykh. He was alluding to the state of affairs of the world, and just how fasad (corruption) appears to permeate every level. And that the interaction between good and evil, between goodness and corruption is reaching a culminating point in history. Then he said that even the Devil is tired, weary of his work.

After that however, in a later talk, the Master intimated that the Devil and his minions never rests for even 5 minutes in their conspiring and whispering campaign against all of the children of Adam. Perhaps the Devil was weary only in a 4 brief minutes, and then he is once again reinvigorated and rejuvenated in his 24/7 job to corrupt as many man and woman he can lay his whispers upon.

This almanac is just this - observations of observations. And perhaps I would despair at all this hate and poison engineered by the Devil across the epoch against our ancestors and all of humanity, of whatever hue our skin is or faith we believe in. But then I remember the goodness of Nabi Muhammad, Prophet of God (pbuh), I recall the noble reality and essence of his family, the humility and prowess of his Companions, and the continuing ministration of this world by his Saints the Awliya Allah (Friends of God). And at the end of this path of reflection, ultimately I recall God and how I would like to fear Him. In this way...

3. Fear of Fear
An eternal evil,
A false path,
A vigorous opponent
To all that is good,
Is that which is born
From confusion and uncertainty,
An offspring from the unholy wed
Between your Ego and impiety,
And this child is named Fear.

By the blessings of Fate
Is often Fear laid bare,
Yet most choose to follow Fear,

And Wherever Fear may lead you to,
Know surely that perdition awaits you there.

Had you only feared God,
You would not have feared Fear,
For fear of God leads to peace,
But fear of Fear will lose you
All whom you hold dear,
And profits you not.
Fear not 'Fear' in whatever skin it wears...
Even in a dragon skin.

Have a lovely day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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