Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nora, Tell Him - Men, Women, Adams and the mystifying Eves

Nora, tell him...
Nora, tell him I am okay,
Nora, tell him I am fine,
I am just trippin’
And fallin’ into
Into the best way…

Nora, tell him I am grown up
Nora, tell him I have no choice,
I have no time for love
No time now for little boys…

Nora, tell him I found a book
Nora, tell him I am still faithful,
For to no one else
Have I given
A single

Nora, tell him he must wait
To see what fate has in store,
Nora, tell him I am passing
Through the servants' door,

Nora, tell him that I will see him later
Under the tree, 
Beneath the crescent moon,
Where we first kissed
Beside the winding brook.

Nora, tell him to wait,
Nora, tell him not to cry,
For Lord knows I miss him so
That I could die…

Nora, tell him
That he will hear my voice,
In the thunder and in the caressing wind,
In the twilight, with the Sufis
And their haunting hymns.

I woke up suddenly at 2am last night. I switched on one of my fav folk singer since the early 1980s, Suzanne Vega with her ethereal song entitled 'Cracking' (Click here to listen)

Then I heard a prose knocking, and immediately I started writing while Vega's dulcet warm voice filled the lonely night as she unhurriedly plucked her guitar.

Women and Men are very different. I have made up my mind about this. As the bestselling book says, we are from Mars and they are from Venus, and (to add) whirling in a celestial orbit around God. I do not deign to write about women's spirituality, because I am a man. So the Nora prose above is quite a departure from the norm. But I do admire them so, because they are just simply so different from us men. It is as if God was chuckling to Himself as He gazes upon the sleeping Adam, "So you want a partner, Adam? You want someone to keep you company in heaven, eh? Hehehe. I am going to create something that will blow you socks off!" 

So many centuries later, from the line of Eve comes a daughter called Suzzane Nadine Vega, singing haunting gentle songs, affecting men as her grandmother Eve had affected Adam all so long ago. If we think broad enough, if we think far enough into the past, we are all connected, you see... a female American folk singer from Santa Monica, California, the Sufis, music, you and me.

Yes, I am glad you agree. God bless you, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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