Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Perilous Life of a Dervish - losing your heart and mind to the oracles, signs and symbols of God

Life if always full of peril. Earlier this morning my heart was
at risk of being stolen by this little boy...
25. Bewitched
I am bewitched
By the beautiful smiles
And gentle voices
Of men, women and children.

These oracles of heaven
God has left behind
To console the wayward and the lost.

While some men who search for conspiracies and the secret symbols of the enemy of humanity (we can call him the Devil) are busy attracting the knowledge that is required for their craft, I am afraid that I have absolutely no talent for such endeavours (too much hard work). But I see a greater danger for mankind, the real threat to our independence and freedom... God.

... and of course, in our family are those always keen
to imperil our sense of loneliness and make us a part
of something better and greater...

For the truth is, sunshine, we are all imperiled. Our very own souls are at risk - imperiled by the oracles and signs, by the codes and symbols of the Lord that He has left scattered all over the world to entrap us...

Men Losing Everything
Right from the beginning of time,
Men have been at risk of losing their hearts
To the indescribable beauty of women,
Losing their sense of balance holding
Their beloved children in their arms,
Losing their intoxicated heads (sometimes, literally!)
Drunk in the Truth of God,
Losing their freedom of movement
To God's own agenda,
Losing their hearth and home
To the wanderlust of the Dervish,
Losing their riches to
The riches of the heart,
Losing their pride for the Glory of God,
Losing their wayward and foolish ways
For the Sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet (pbuh),
Losing their wasteful fear for the beneficial fear of the Lord,
Losing their weary hindsight
For the inspired foresight of the seekers of God,
Losing their attraction of this illusory world
For the Eternal Beauty of God,
Losing their dependence on others
To a dependence on God alone,
And seeking no guidance but the guidance
Of Muhammad Habibullah (pbuh), the First Light of Creation!

But when we lose everything, we gain for ourselves nothingness, through which state we may slip through the prison bars of this illusory and transient world for the infinite knowledge of the manifest Mercy and Compassion, Beauty and Truth of God, Lord Creator of all mankind - it is an Ocean of Happiness that has no end in its horizon, sunshine.

... passed away or in passing, God has conspired lethal
traps to ensnare all of humanity to the best,
safest and most beautiful life, for here
and in the hereafter.
al fatiha

Well, that is what the heavenly brochure tells me. He he he.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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