Sunday, August 12, 2012

God, History and the Sunnah of Abu Arwah

Do not discard yourself
What are we but a vessel for blessed souls?
For they come to us from the past and future
Bringing perception of Truth, Love and Beauty
Forged in their own lives for our benefit,
As we unlearn our own folly by their history,
And little by little we make our shy approach
To the Lord of Souls and the Father of Souls…

It is so lovely that I sometimes wonder…
Perhaps they should possess me completely
As I think I have no more need for ‘me’…

But a distant voice grew from some place 
Unknown and spoke to me......
“No, o’ seeker, for we too
Came when we saw
The Truth, Love
And Beauty
In you.”

Truth, Love and Beauty cannot fail to unite and heal the discord that is forever threatening the brotherhood of humanity. These divine attributes of our one Lord cannot but heal our wounded pride, our bitter regrets and our long-held grudges... if we would only endeavour to look for God that way.

And in this endeavour there is no guiding light, no lantern brighter, no book wiser, no path more easy, no way more splendid and good than the Sunnah of Abu Arwah (The Traditions of the Father of Souls, one of the titles of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him). For the Lord has sanctified and blessed his path as the most righteous and complete to sustain our travel to the divine journey, however slow we might be, however many times we may trip and fall or lose our selves.

For Man may lose sight of God, but verily, God never loses sight of Man.

Because God sees what He Himself has planted within us all... the potential, the seed of His Truth, Love and Beauty waiting to bloom like some magnificent flower in the garden of our souls. In the cherished love of the father and mother for their children is this single profound wisdom. Will they not see and learn?

'Tis Sunday, and I am happy, sunshine. Because I woke up to find this love letter waiting to be written and shared with you!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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